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                                               (DR KASHI NATH PANDITA ) Padamshri Dr Kashi Nath Pandita Speaks on Tribal Invasion of October 1947 , Maqbool Sherwani  and Supreme Sacrifice of Brigadier Rajinder Singh.

‌" I belong to Baramullah. As a  youngman of 19 years ,  i saw death, destruction and plunder of Baramullah town  in October 1947 . You can't feed incorrect history to people who have lived the period and are  privy to events .I wonder why  some events  have been presented wrongly with a  factually incorrect narrative . May be this narrative suits some  but facts are facts.I am referring to events of Tribal Raid in Kashmir. Lot of  wrong information has been fed to people.

                                                           ( MAQBOOL SHERWANI )
As far as Maqbool Sherwani is concerned i need to clarify that he was a staunch  follower of Sheikh Mohd Abdullah. That time we would hear a slogan ( coined by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah ) from National conference cadres " Hindu Muslim sikh Ittehaad " . Sherwani remained unshaken in this belief when most of his cadres shifted loyalities  and sided with advancing marauders sent by Pakistan  .  Sherwani's  misguiding Tribal raiders  on  " The road to srinagar city"   is untruth. The raiders  had no dearth  of local   guides, accomplices and active  supporters  . knowing  Road to Srinagar city was no issue. For raiders, Locating Sherwani had a purpose  .Through him , the tribal raiders  wanted to reach Sheikh Mohd Abdullah whom they wanted to capture and take along as per the plan. They had instructions to bring Sheikh Mohd Abdullah dead or  alive  as Pakistani leadership at that time considered him an enemy and an obstacle in annexation of kashmir.  Sherwani's house was searched but he could not be located. He  was in touch with his party leadership in Srinagar . He would  travel to srinagar on his motorcycle during nights .
 Finally , the raiders  found him when he was on his way to srinagar riding his motorcycle . Unfortunately ,  He was identified by his own men  after he was caught  . He was killed mercilessly by the savage beasts.

 In fact the delay of two crucial days in moving to srinagar city was due to internal fight that the tribal raiders had with their commander named khursheed Anwar. Khursheed Anwar had recieved a sum of rupees  three lakh to be spent  on  tribal raiders  . The raiders  asked Khurshid to distribute the money.  Khurshid refused and told them that the  amount had been given for the whole operation and not for  distribution among them . That made tribal raiders angry and they suspended  operation for two days. For two days , they shifted to  looting  and  killing people in Baramullah town.
Tribal raiders were fed with wrong information that Kashmiri Pandits had enough gold with them . So, Initially they mistook Brass for gold and took away many Brass utensils   from pandit houses thinking it was gold. All this we saw in the godown of the  plundered goods in Baramullah once  Indian Army arrived and the raiders  made  hasty retreat in panic and fear . I saw them fleeing through  Baramullah town in trucks, lorries, Tongas and Reddas  .
 In Baramullah town,  for two days, They only  looked  for " Zar , Zewar and Zenana ( cash , jewelry and women  )
 To Baramullah they did what Nadir shah did  to Delhi. They looted  jewelry,  shops  and houses  and  kidnapped and raped so many Hindu and sikh women in groups. Baramulla Tehsil office had been made a raping centre  by these marauders. Many    women jumped into river jheum to save their honour. I saw this naked  dance of death and destruction  personally  .

What they did to european Nuns , Nurses, teachers and Missionary doctors and their families in Baramullah  is very tragic, shameful , Brutal  and  inhuman. 

This nonstop killing ,  plunder , loot ,rape and mayhem in Baramulla  for two days  halted their advance and  saved srinagar city and simplified the task of  Indian army  in kicking them out. Prior to that , like a true Kshatriya,   Brigadier Rajinder singh  put a halt to their march by engaging them in gunfight for four  days with limited soldiers .

 Under instructions from Maharaja " Fight to the last man and the last Bullet"  ,  with just  110 soldiers, Brigadier Rajinder Singh   put a  crucial halt to the  advancement  about  5000 tribal marauders . He used guerrilla tactics to fight and engage them that  delayed their advance towards Srinagar city. He engaged them in gun battle near  Uri bridge, Mahura and Rampur, inflicting heavy casualties. I have not found such a warrior in  contemporary military history.  I mean an  army chief personally leading soldiers in the  combat. He is the real saviour of Srinagar city from the beastly  marauders. This great  Soldier died of bullet wounds in Battle Field."

 (Avtar Mota)



Padamshri Dr Kashi Nath Pandita is an Authority on Central Asian Culture, linguistics and History. Dr Pandita is a renowned Persian Scholar , Author , Translator , journalist and Historian.

Dr. Pandita hails from Baramulla , a town completely devastated in 1947 by Tribal raiders from across the Border .


The footnotes to the pages of " Baharistaan e Shahi" that he translated from Persian to English , are an ample proof of his knowledge, scholarship and study.

He lived in Iran for 4 years to complete his Ph.D. from University of Teheran and where he was a favourite student of  Prof zabihollah safa ( 1911-1999) a scholar of international repute.  Dr Pandita.. remained Director of Centre of Central Asian Studies in University of Kashmir where from he retired in 1987. He is held in highest esteem by various Central Asian Academies / Universities.

He has closely worked with so many scholars from Central Asia more specifically from Tajikistan.

His travelogue titled "My Tajik Friends" earned him the coveted Soviet land Nehru Award 1987.

Some prominent works of Dr. Pandita are:

1. Baharistan-i-Shahi, A Chronicle of Mediaeval Kashmir (translated from Farsi)

2. Avicenna – An Introduction

3. Iran and Central Asia

4. Ladakh, life and culture (edited)

5. Hafiz of Shiraz (Urdu)

6. Tohfatul Ahbab, ( English translation of a 17th century history of Kashmir .)

Dr. Pandita has authored innumerable research articles that have been published in many foreign journals . He has also attended so many  international seminars and conferences  at different places in the world.

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