Friday, October 12, 2018



In Jammu city, Bikram Chowk flyover pillars are  being beautifully  painted  ..

 Pillars of flyover at Bikram  Chowk jammu are being currently painted by  a team of young Artist. Something beautiful is being done in  the City of Temples.You have a massive circular Pillar painting showing   Shiva and  Parvati in the high hills of  Amarnath Shrine. You have beautiful  paintings showing  Roff dance  of kashmir, Punjabi Bhangra, Dances of Duggar Land, Scenic Doodh Pathri  area of kashmir valley  and  many more things  . The pillars of the 1.3-km Bikram Chowk flyover are being painted by  professional artists hired  by Jammu Municipality.

 Spoke to an official  on spot and he informed:
" This is more planned and massive effort than what was done in 2005. Entire cultural heritage of the state is being  showcased . Apart from Bikram chowk Flyover, more places shall be painted. Due care has been planned to protect the work from man and natural damage.
Care is also being  taken to protect this work from  any damage due to rains and  sulight . It will give a festive and beautiful look to the city"

(Avtar Mota)

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