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The conversation with a local person on footpath near 34rth street  west Manhattan . I quote verbatim.

" Aren't there public rest rooms or Toilets in Manhattan ? I mean Urinals in specific? "

" What you meaning Government rest rooms i not understanding ? "

" I mean rest rooms / Toilets built by Municipality or Government for use by pubic in General ."

" How government Concern anybody  poop or Pee problem? It his problem he go settle himself not Government . It his bladder Or stomach problem .How Government concern? "

" Where should then a person go if he needs a rest room ?"

" Now I get what you meaning. A few , a few . Very few . I say no nothing . Starbucks Coffee shops go allow rest room door entry  free    but some foolish Homeless making Starbucks rest room dirty if use. Some druggy  throw some wrapper or container  and block flush . Big Big problem there .There Customer cry ' You guys no clean rest room.  It Stinking." .One rest room for peoples coming Bryant Park but there strict  discipline. Anybody make dirty, Attendant inform security . May be one in Port Authority Bus Terminal and yes  New York Library rest room also there. That all i knowing.. Here if people go out better go empty bladder. Do all peeing home.Then no problem. If you bladder pressure , you better buy food Pret A Manger , Chipotle , McDonald's or big restaurant . There that cash bill give code. That code you go enter restaurant rest room door and it open. If you no money you handle your bladder how you liking . It your problem . How you expect all do Government? You get me.
If you tourist , Best always pee when stopping having lunch . Use code under cash memo. If you buying museum ticket, go  rest room first later Museum . Museum go nowhere . Bladder pressure go intolerable for all.  That my advice to many Tourist my coontri ( Country ) . "

So while in America , don't look for public toilets or  Indian Sulabh type facility.  Possibly Govt does not intervene in such things. We had to buy two sundaes with strawberries from McDonald's Restaurant at Times square to enter the Restaurant's rest room. Can we call it a Brush with Lasseiz faire?

( Avtar Mota)

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