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                                                          ( Vikas with his Mother )
                                   ( This Blogger outside  Junoon In Manhattan )
                                                 ( The Flat Iron Building nearby )
                                            ( The Street where Junoon is Located )


   Visited Junoon in November 2017.The restaurant is very close to Flat Iron Building on 5th Avenue 23rd Street . Vikas is a celebrity chef from Amritsar who came to NYC barely two decades back. He is well known name in Restaurant Industry .His mouth watering innovative Indian cuisine has been enjoyed and relished by Obamas and Clintons. He Cooked for Prime Minister Modi during his recent visit to USA. So does he cook for Dalai Lama and Many Hollywood celebrities.

Junoon is a Michelin star ranking restaurant in NYC and Vikas khanna is ranked as one among top ten iconic chefs world over.

Junoon has 100-seat restaurant , 45-seat private dining area , 50-seat Bar and lounge. The cosy Bar serves you Cocktails, impressive wines and Beer.

" Whatever I am , I owe it to my mother. I come from an ordinary family of Amritsar. I don't know how shall it be possible for me to repay the parental debt . Miss the food cooked by my grand mother. Here in New York I did all sorts of work initially. Slept in night shelters and experienced homelessness. I even did some odd jobs like looking after a cat while the house owner went for work. I was paid something like $12 per hour for that job. My mother's words have always been my guide. During my college days, she would always say:

"son do what you want but be honest. Don't cheat. Work, earn and when you have some surplus, go for charity. Those in Need were also created by the same god who created you."

I respect Vikas khanna for his simplicity, humility, attitude , Hard work and ever smiling appearance. With his own innovations, he has made Indian food and spices quite popular over here. 
To visit JUNOON, you need to book a table in advance over telephone.

About vikas Khanna,  NDTV news reports:

" Every year since 1992, Chef Vikas Khanna has fasted for a day during the holy month of Ramadan to honour a Muslim family he credits with saving his life during the 1992 riots in Mumbai. Now, 26 years later, the New York-based celebrity chef says he's happy to have finally found the family he lost touch with. "

Best wishes for Vikas and his team.

(Autar Mota)

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