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( Mobile photos ...Autar Mota.... Macy's store with Huge Turkey. Empire State Building in background)

*Thanksgiving Day is a National Holiday in USA. It is the start of a season of purchases and shopping for Holiday season. It also means family union , eating together or watching American football or joining parades . A climate of festivity and celebrations is everywhere. In markets ,we see sales, sales and door buster sales only. Door buster style of purchasing means people line up from midnight outside big stores. Some sleep outside with comforters and woolens. The moment ,the door buster sales store opens in morning, people rush in and pick up goods at throw away prices. you can pick up a New DEL Laptop for just $100.You can pick up a latest branded TV for $75, a branded digital camera for just $50. People keep waiting for these Door Buster sales on Thanksgiving . These sales are known as * Black Friday sales .A real stampede as the stores open. 

According to Prof. Richard Larson from MIT,

" People's willingness to wait is, in some sense , proportional to the perceived value of whatever they are waiting to acquire. Even if they don't know what the line is for , they reason that whatever's at the end of it must be fantastically valuable ."

The goods put for door buster sales are limited as the idea is to advertise and bring people inside for other items. Big stores like OLD NAVY , BANANA REPUBLIC ,J C PENNEY , WALMART, UNIQLO, HM, LORD AND TAYLOR, TARGET and many other names also go for this Holiday shopping Frenzy.

MACY's Store ( perhaps Biggest in the world) located on Harold Street conducts an impressive Thanksgiving Day annual Parade through Manhattan streets since last 90 years .Marching Bands, Giant Character Balloons, Air floats, Dancers, Musicians, clowns, Artists, cheerleaders, Children in fancy dresses, school children in Uniforms and so many social organization join this grand Parade that is widely covered by TV Channels . I am informed that about 3.5 million people lined up along today's Parade path to watch this spectacular show. The Parade started from Columbus square (West 59th street near Central Park ) and ended at Macy's store on west 34th street. We saw an Unprecedented security on Parade route. Barricades, Traffic restrictions, hovering Helicopters, smartly dressed NYPD officers at every crossing , sniffer dogs, frisking at some spots , enhanced Vigilance at Metro stations and many other robust security measures were in place for Macy's Annual Parade. Macy's didn't have a door buster sale but once the store opened at 1PM today, crowds poured in to buy some top brands in Apparel, cosmetics, foot wear and luggage put on discount sales. The Thanksgiving Turkey was prominently displayed at main entrance .

Macy's had arranged top singers like Lauren Alaina (on the Green Giant float), Cam (Domino Sugar), Sara Evans (Entenmann's) and Dustin Lynch (KFC). They were joined by pop stars like Gwen Stefani (who sang "White Christmas" at the Bryant Park ice rink) , Dustin Lynch, Sara Evans, Andra Day and many more well known names .

 I found that New people living in  Yorke were in a mood of festivity, shopping and celebrations .

(Autar Mota)


* Black Friday Sales .........

Black Friday is a recent holiday tradition that is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. It is also linked with shopping and purchases .Actually it is the day for the start of Christmas buying . Every shop keeper comes up with discounts and price slashing. Shop windows are decorated .

* Thanksgiving.... ...

Thanksgiving is America’s Annual holiday celebrated with fervor and festivity. It falls on fourth Thursday of November each year. It is the beginning of Holiday Season . The origins of Thanksgiving date back to 1621 when a group of English pilgrims in present-day Massachusetts shared a feast with a tribe of Native Americans to celebrate a plentiful harvest. On Thanksgiving day , people in the US join their family and friends to eat, drink and watch Football . Cooking and eating Turkey has became the key attraction of Thanksgiving dinner in USA . Possibly Turkey eating was popular with Native Americans. Some cities hold Thanksgiving Parades and the most famous being Macy’s Day Parade in New York City held since 1927..

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