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( Mobile phone photographs Oct and Nov 2017..... Autar Mota)

In india, Tonga has almost Vanished from our cities. In countryside , it is being knocked out by Matadors and other automobiles. Tonga Addas in our cities have become shopping arcades . No scope to ride a full Tonga . Not possible to see a galloping Tonga horse on Dal Lake Boulevard anymore. Tonga is no more shown in films either in song sequences or otherwise. We have failed to protect it as Heritage .
In Europe and USA, Horse carriages have Heritage value. Decorated Horse carriages are extensively put to use in Tourist industry.
I saw regular Tonga or Horse Carriage stand outside 5th Avenue entrance of Central Park in Upper Manhattan. I spoke to to some owners who were smartly dressed.
" We carry Tourists inside the Park and show them various spots of interest. We need to remain well informed about everything inside. "
The horse carriage is a Luxury not all tourists can afford.$ 120 for a 45 minutes ride. A 45 minute flight ticket to Boston from New York costs you around $70. The carriage owner communicates with the animal through whistles and typical words like;

 " No No Buddy , No......" , 

   " Hip Hip " 

 " Not that Not that" And many more .

 At any palce , I didn't see  the animal  being beaten by a whip  and   made to gallop or move as desired .On Broadway street , I saw a Bank advertisement on a Horse Carriage. I also came to know that some " Animal Rights Group " is agitating and pressing Government to put a ban on the use horse carriages in New York.
So long so much.
( Autar Mota)

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