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A FROM 5 PM to 8 PM inside Washington Square Park West 4th Street Downtown Manhattan.
( Mobile Photos.. Autar  Mota )
This park is located in downtown Manhattan on West 4th Street close to New York University . Infact you find so many Departments of NYU close and around the Park. Very well connected by subway Metro Network from all sides,the park is frequented by tourists, University students and Public in general. A beautiful fountain in the centre and a massive arch type marble gate resembling India Gate( at New Delhi) impresses you. A white Marble statue of George Washington is also installed near the entrance.
This 9.75 acres park is dedicated to George Washington ( 1732-1799) the first President of USA . The park was inaugurated in 1827 .
Inside the Park, I also found the statue of Italian Nationalist leader Garibaldi.
The park was a meeting place of workers, labour union leaders and Bohemian Artists .
I found the park always full of Performers, Acrobats, Musicians, Tourists, students , street smart magicians, Tarot card Readers , Balloon sellers , Soap bubble makers and semi skilled Japanese or Korean Portrait Artists.
" Take Picture . Anything will be good. 50 cents , one Dollar or five Dollars. . God , Lord will give you thousand times " declarers the notice board near the soap bubbles maker. He creates bubbles using a stick and sop solution and then throws up the bubbles. The bubbles fly and then fall to the ground. Children run after them and try to catch them .Watchful parents are happy with the game being played by children. 

The young acrobats ask you to clap as they cry:

" we gonna show special entertainment. Come this way guys." All shows in this park end at seeking some money from onlookers.

  I end this post with  a couplet of Mirza Ghalib..

"Banaa kar faqeeron ka Hum Bheis Ghalib           
Tamashaa e Ahl e Karam Dekhte hain.."

"In a begger's guise Ghalib
I see the drama of the generous .."
( Autar Mota)

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