Thursday, July 16, 2009


 . According to NEELMAT PURANA , sage Kashyapa drained the water of SATISAR LAKE( reported to be extending from present day Banihal Tunnel to Baramulla ) through Baramulla , whereafter Kashmir surfaced up as a beautiful valley. This town finds mention in Kalhana's Rajtaringini at canto  451 and 452 of Taranga Eight as under

“LAKKAKA the warden of Frontiers managed to reach Varahmula on his march “

“GARGA plundered the troops and the town of Varahmula “

The incidents described by Kalhana under these shlokas took place during the rule of SAHI King SUSSALA . The incidents in particular describe the attack of king SanjaPala on Kashmir . GARGA was commanding the troops of Sanjapala while Lakkaka was the Warden of frontiers during the reign of king Sussala . Kalhana took 2 years to compose RAJTARINGINI . He started in 1148 AD and completed his monumental work in 1150 AD. Sussala ascended the throne on 1113 AD thereby implying that Kalhana is first hand witness to the loot and plunder of Baramullah by troops of Sanjapala . ZULCHU ravaged this town again when he attacked kashmir with his 70000 strong Mongol and Turk troops . His troops looted and plundered entire kashmir for about 8 months after entering the valley through Baramulla in 1320AD .Large scale Death and destruction visited this town again in recent past when advancing Tribal raiders ravaged Baramullah in 1947.

Baramulla is a district Headquarter and is about 55 Kms from srinagar city approached by a beautiful road lined with tall poplars on both sides though a large number of them have been uprooted in the present road widening process. One can have picturesque views of fruit orchards or green paddy fields all along the road from Srinagar to Baramulla.. The old town lies across the river vitasta while a new town and army cantonment has come up on the other side of the river . Tongas continue to be the main local transport even after the establishment of a Rail link with Srinagar city . The mosque cum Dargah of JanBaz Sahib with a Gurdwara near by are impressive monuments on Jhelum Banks in the old town . The Shailputri temple on the opposite bank is presently  maintained by a CRPF unit camping inside it . The temple has suffered cracks due to massive earth quake which rocked the area some years back. The town has a good  sikh population  living in peace and harmony with other communities . .Besides Kashmiri , people also speak Pahari and Gojri in this area. SHEENA , a language of DARDI origin is also spoken in GUREZ and Tilail area of this District. Administratively, Baramulla was  divided into 8 Tehsils VIZ; sopore , Gurez, Pattan , Bandipore, Sonawari, Uri , Tangmarg and Baramulla . lately Bandipore has also come up as a new district.Gurez is a beautiful valley located 86 Kms from Bandipore town on the banks of river KishenGanga . Again Pattan is an old town and remained the capital of Kashmir during the reign of king Shankervarman . Sugandesh Temple ruins lie on the main highway in this town. In fact Bandopore town lies on the banks of Lake Wular and thus called   as   the “port of Wullar” The flow of river Jhelum turns rapid as it passes through hills and gorges in its journey from this town onwards . Enjoy the views and permit me to end this write up with some lines of Poet Dina Nath Naadim:-

Frakvin Phulayaa , Luk Arsaatha
Taaran Peth Peth Katiji Jamaata .
Zangtrei Hunz Grukh
Taafa pholvun
Val Saa Maaleyah
Gobra Tathyah
Dabluss Ponsuss Soruy Duniya
Meiti Guchh Peen Pan( Whistle )
Tot Kya baa Chhukh
 Tresha Chamhuvv.
( Dina Nath Naadim )

Abundance of spring Flowers ,
Noise of sparrows on overhead electric wires ,.
A crowd celebrating Zangtrei festival,
Sun shine on all sides,
“Come dear child
Come son come dear
Entire world for a penny “
“ I too want to buy a whistle mother“
“Oh you are running temperature
Let us quench our thirst first .”
These are some lines from A poem Titled From Kathi Darwaza to Residence written by Naadim sahib describing the visit of a poor mother and her son to Badam Vari Festival of Zangtrei.The child is tempted by the shops , birds ,kite sellers while the mother distracts his attention . In this journey covered on foot ,the mother repeatedly puts her hand on the forehead of the child telling him that he is perhaps running fever . She assures the child that soon she shall quench his thirst by a glass of water . The poor mother has no money except for buying KANUL HAK at Navid Kadal enroute. To my readers I would recommend reading of this poem which apparently looks simple but creates emotional turbulence in a sensitive mind when Naadim sahib touches the core issues of Poverty and mother son relation. Our own Shelleys , Keats , Byrons , and Tagores deserve some appreciation at least from the people for whom they wrote. Naadim Sahib’s poems are available from the sale outlets of J&K Academy of Art Culture and Languages in Srinagar ( Maulana Azad Road ) and Jammu ( Canal Road ). I would also like to make a special mention of Sh Rattan lal Shant noted Hindi and kashmiri writer for having done excellent job by translating almost all the major poems of Naadim Sahib in Devanagri in his book Awazon Ke Arth Published in 2002 by J&k Academy of Art Culture and languages . The book is priced Rs65/= and is readily available at these sale outlets of the academy. This is a treat for those who can not read Kashmiri in its Nastliq script.