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Due to my official work , i have been visiting SOPORE and baramulla frequently. Today i have uploaded some views of SOPORE or the apple town of kashmir . This town is also known as CHHOTA LONDON over here In case we travel to Baramulla from srinagar ,Just 7 kms ahead of Baramulla town near the village SANGRAMA on main highway , a road on right side branches off towards Sopore. Travel just 5 kms from Sangrama and you are in Sopore Town.At present , everything in this town appears to be under construction . The roads , the makets and the houses are buzzing with people and construction activity . People are well dressed . Cars also move frequently in the inner lanes and markets . Tongas ply in plenty on roads over here .One immediately gets a feeling of better life style of the town dwellers in comparison to other towns of Kashmir . Fruit cultivation especially apples are paying their dividends .

Suyyapore or present day Sopore was founded (in later part of 9th centuary ) by SUYYA the engineer in the court of king Avantivarman (855-883 AD) after he dredged VITASTA near Baramulla to save Kashmir from the fury of reccurring floods
As per Asian Agri. History Vol.13 , Sindh nallah used to meet Vitasta at Trigam but it was SUYYA who regulated the flow of Vitasta to wular lake . Suyya had thus many villages reclaimed . Paddy cultivation was extensively undertaken in these large tracts of reclaimed land . Due to Suyya 's extensive irrigation system , one kharwar of rice came down from 200 dinnars to 36 dinnars in the reign of Avantivarman. He also diverted the water of Sindh Nallah to vitasta at Shadipora , the present day Prayag of Kashmir .
There is an interesting story narrated by kalhana in Rajtaringini as to how SUYYA dredged the river at many points.He took pots full of gold coins in boats and threw them into Vitasta waters at Present day Khannabal , Shadipora , Baramullah and at all places where its choked currents overflowed its banks . People jumped into the river at all places and dug its bed for months to find the coins . Many boulders and heaps of silt were thrown on the banks of the river . Through this process he ensured the dredging of the river. Enjoy some views of the Sangrama sopore road with railway bridge overhead . Also enjoy old sopore bridge view from the new bridge on Jhelum and some other views of the town . An orchard view has also been uploaded. I have received two requests from my readers to add more lines from Nadim Sahib's kashmiri Poem " From Kathi Darwaza to residence " a journey of a poor mother and her son . The lines have been scanned by me from Nadim's sahib's Poetry book and the scan view has also been uploaded in original kahmiri. I shall also translate the lines for my readers . As already conveyed this is a poem full of pathos of poverty wrapped in simple words by this great poet whom all of us have forgotten . Nadim sahib spread in entire length and breadth of this country when his lines " Bomburo Bomburo Shyaam Rang Bomburo -Kyazih Chhuk Tse viney Nalaano . " were picturised by Bollywood for a movie. He wrote the lines for a superb opera "BOMBUR TE YEMBERZAL "after his visit to CHINA where he saw an opera which touched him . Enjoy translation of some more lines of the poem "From Kathi-Darwaza to residence ". Here they go :-
Abundance of spring flowers ;
Crowds thronging all over.
Groups of sparrows on electric wires overhead;
Celebrations of ZANGTREI by crowds ,
Days full of sunshine ,
People with Karra and Muth in their pockets ,
Eating and enjoying happily .
A colourful tree of toys ,
Displayed in the happy mela.
The climate and the desires ,
Are in the process of being fulfilled .
"Son you have fever perhaps "
"The whistle for a penny "
"Where has the Whistle shop gone ?
I too want a whistle "
"Son you have fever perhaps
I shall make you to drink cold water "
"My mud horse is broken mother
i also want a horse "
"Come son, come dear .
Entire world is for a penny ."
(Dina Nath Naadim)
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