Friday, July 31, 2009



Enjoy 9 down town views. you can see Vitasta at Chattabal. you can see the Chatta kadal ( Near Chatta Bal ). you can see my favourite spot the Batyar temple Ghats at Ali Kadal. A view of Batyar temple Ali Kadal from New Ali kadal Bridge has also been uploaded. Dastgeer sahib ziyarat at Khanyar has also been uploaded . A view of jogi Lanker bridge of Rainawari has also been uploaded. Also uploaded is the Baba Dharm Dass temple at Nawapora near Dalgate - Bar Bar shah Road crossing .This temple is on main road enroute to Rainawari from Dalgate .
A view of new Nawapora Bridge enroute Rainawari can also be seen .The old bridge at Nawapora has been dismantled to make way for two way traffic .A photograph of Dal Gate Market has also been uploaded . The chemist shop of DHAR Brothers ( a Kashmiri Pandit ) can also be seen . This shop is one of the busiest shops on account of a reputation enjoyed by the proprietors that genuine medicines are being sold by them. Till my next blog is uploaded , keep smiling and enjoy some more lines from Naadim sahib's celebrated Anti war poem "Me Chhum Aash Paghich" . How nicely Nadim sahib connects the return of a father to his family with clouds of war hovering over the heads of poor innocent people ..I remain indebted to Academy of art , culture and languages J&K for the photograph of Nadim sahib. Here goes the translation of this great poem:-

I am Hopeful of tomorrow.
How nice ! Our chlidren are going to receive their father tomorrow .
I shall rush to receive him the moment he calls me by name on arrival.
Holding him in my embrace , i shall dance around him in delight .
I shall make him to sit on flooring of New Grass mat.
How nice , our Children are going to receive their father tomorrow.
I shall wash his Feet , He must be tired
I shall also lull him to sleep .
LATER i shall open the wounds of my heart before him.
Children are going to receive their father tomorrow.
It is rumoured that war is imminent .
Oh God! It should not take place tomorrow .
it should never take place .
I am hopful of a tomorrow
Tomorrow our world is going to be SUNLIT.
( Translation A K Mota )

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