Monday, July 20, 2009


Su Gulaab Roye Deuthum
Baiye Az gullaab Chhavaan
Tse Pyavaan me kunn ti Baazeh
Algaib doori Nazarah
Bha Karaan Dillus Shikaayat
Tse Chhuham Na Hosh Thaavaan
Prav Chha Pyvaan Gulalluss
Kin lahare Vochh Hawavuss
Natah Tsaav Baag Kustaam
Madah Mair Poori Traavan

Matah van Tse Raahiyuss kenh
Tsu Chhu Az ti Prein Pathiyunn
Chhatti Munz Shikaarreh Traavith
Gatti Munz Pragaash Tsaraan
( Prof Rehman Rahi )
I Have seen that blushing rose face
Roses still continue to be my companions
O you looked at me without intention
when i was engrosed in my affairs ,
My heart! acknowledge my complaint ,
"Why are you always absent minded ?"
Is Gule Lala reflecting sun Rays
or else the breeze moving in waves .
Perhaps some one has entered the garden
stepping like a moon struck lover.

Do Not tell Raahi anythig ,
Hardly is he going to change his old habbits .
Today also he paddles his Shikara in the storm ,
Today also he looks for Sunlight in the Darkness.
( Translation A K Mota )
Long life and good health to Prof.Rehman Rahi the Gyanpeeth awardee kashmiri poet presently living near Vichhar Naag

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  1. Namaskar,
    You have a really wonderful blog...thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Vinayak ji
    Thanx . Kashmir is unforgetable .
    a k mota


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