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One of my readers has asked me as to why I brought some Blog photographs under Copyright Act restricting free download. Another reader wants to know whether permission is needed for all the photographs . A request has come from Mr Inam Ud Din from Dubai to upload some thing about Amir Khusro . Mr Rahul Sapru from UK wants to Know whether any Dramas or short stories have been written in Kashmiri.
I shall comment on all the issues one by one.

last week I was pained to find my photographs in a magazine with a total out of context story developed on them. I also saw my photographs used by a Delhi Magazine without my knowledge. My photographs are born out of a feeling and I am attached to them . I believe that presenting something which has neither been felt nor experienced is just telling a lie. I have not put any restriction on a large number of photographs which also include Mosques , temples , Ziyarats and abodes of saints . Yes some photographs are being qualified under copyright Act in view of the fact that a PHOTO EXHIBITION is proposed by me in New Delhi some time in 2010. Still I am open to any specific request . Mr Aalok Aima from Dubai , Dr Wilson from New Jersey approached me for some photographs and I readily agreed because I know the purpose and the context of their usage . I again request the down loaders of my photographs of Non copyright segment not to put them to any commercial use nor develop out of context stories . These photographs have been taken to bring smiles on faces of all kashmiris and any usage otherwise is painful to me. Once more I request every one not to do so else I shall be left with no alternative but to close the blog. I hope I am clear on this issue .

Inam Ud Din JI
has asked me to write on a subject which needs a little serious study . Still I shall attempt. Abul Hassan or Amir Khusro Lived in late 13th and early 14th centuary . Khusro’s father Amir Saif Ud Din Mohd came to India from Central Asia and joined as Commander in Chief with King Shams Ud Din Altmash at Delhi . Because of hios knowledge of Music , history , Persian , Hindi and varied interest , Khusro was picked up by King Alla Ud din Khilji as his Minister.Amir Khusro composed poems , Pahelis and Mathanavis . The Poetic story of Rani Padmini and the attack of Alla Ud din Khilji on CHITORE ( Rajasthan ) has been composed by Amir Khusro . He wrote beautiful poems on Raas Leela of lord Krishna . He also wrote in praise of lord Rama of Ayodhya . He also wrote beautiful and touching NAATs on Prophet Muhammed ( PBUH ). In his Book NUH SIPHAR , Khusro is all praise for the culture , art , music and the architecture of India .He also served in the court of Ghias Ud Din Tughlak as a minister. His language is pure Hindi laced with Persian words .He had profound knowledge of Hindustani Clasical music .Many Ragaas are attributed to him. Qawali, Taraana ,Saazgiri Khayaal , Baakharand Sohal are his creations . He put three strings in VEENA and converted it to a SITAR. DHOLAK is his creation. Though connected with the kings of his time , Amir Khusro was a pious man and lived a simple life. Abul Hassan or Amir Khusro was attached to his childhood PEER or sufi saint Hazrat Nizam Ud din Aulia. In later part of his life Khusro renounced everything and lived like a Faquir. He lies buried near the Mazaar of his peer Hazrat Nizam Ud Din Aulia in Delhi. Now enjoy some lines from the poetry of Amir Khusro.

1 Bahut Kathin Hai Dagar Panghat ki
Kaise Mein Bhar Laon Madhuva se Matki
Khusro Nizaam Ke Bal Bal Jayiyo
Laaj Rakho More Ghunghat Pat Ki

2Kaahe ko Biyaahi Bidesh
Sunn Babul More
Hum To Babul Tere Bagon ki Koel
Kuhkat Ghar Ghar Jaon
Hum To Babul Tere Kheton ki Chidiya
Chhuga Chhugat Udi Jaon

3 Gori Soye Saij Par
Mukh par dale Kesh
Chal Khusro Ghar Aapne
Rein Bhayee Chahu Desh .
( On the Death of Hazrat Amir Khusro )

4 Ek Naar woh Aushad Khaaye
Jis par Thhooke woh Mar Jaaye
Uskaa piya jab Chhati laaye
Andhha nahin kaana ho Jaaye.
( This is a Paheli . GUN )

5 Ek Kahaani Mein Kahoon
Sunn le Mere Poot
Bin paron ke woh udd gaya
Bandh Gale me soot
( A Paheli KITE )

6 Aankh Chalaavey Bhoun Latkaavey
Naach kood ke Khel Dikhaavey
Munn me Aavey le jaon Andher
Aey Sakhi Saajan
Naa sakhi Bandher

( Poem on Monkey )

Now coming to Rahul ji: kashmiri like any other language has a rich treasure of literature consisting of poetry , Short stories and dramas. In our Youth most of the Dramas were written for the radio and most of them are dumped in the Radio Archives. I wish our younger generation had access to plays like SUYYA written by Late Ali Mohd Lone . Plays of Dr Shanker koul , Sajood Sailaani and Hari Krishen Koul are grounded to the soil of Kashmir. We also had a good section in Humour especially the plays of late Shri Pushker Bhan with his MACHAAMA series in Particular.. His Characters SULA GHOTTA , REHMAN DADDA , ZINGAARI , SINGAARI and TUAN BACHCHA still live in the memory of kashmiris .Perhaps you are spending a lot of time on the net as I understand from your mail . Dear Rahul ji go to Google and Pick up stories of Akhtar Mohi Ud din or Hari Krishen koul . Wonderful English translation of kashmiri witers has been uploaded to net . you can also buy some books from Sahitya Academy new Delhi bearing translated stories of Contemporary kashmiri writers . I would suggest to begin with Akhtar Mohi Ud Din and Hari Krishen koul only. You shall easily relate to their stories . They have evolved out of our own households. These books are also available from Sale outlets of Cultural Academy located in Jammu at canal Road as also in Srinagar at Moulana Azad Road . You may directly write to Cultural Academy canal Road jammu as to what specific book you need . Books of kashmiri writers are available in Hindi , Urdu and English translation . Dramas can also be read in these scripts . Do read them . . Unfortunately there is a dearth of good script writers now for kashmiri Drama to Survive.

Rahul ji for you and for the younger generation of kashmiris, I take liberty to add that it is of paramount importance to know your past through unbiased sources. This knowledge not only defines your present but makes you to fully understand what you are at the moment . Take any human being . He is a mixture of Filth and Flowers . The filth fills his intestines and flowers appear on his face . It is for the beholder to check where he focuses . I believe one must know where filth is but remain focussed on flowers . That makes you to move ahead. If you remain focussed otherwise, it is a drag on your energy and keeps you entangled aimlessly . I suppose you get my point.
Dear Rahul ji , Kashmir is not present day Strikes , Hartaals and unfortunate tragedies of the past resulting in separation of a vast majority of people from their land of birth . We also have a shared history and Common culture with residents of the valley essentially with our muslim brothers . Genetically our composition is one and one blood runs in our veins. We have common saints and Reshis . Common is our mother tongue . Experience this when two Kashmiris speak to each other in their mother tongue anywhere away from their homeland . I Trust you shall start knowing more about Kashmiri language and its writers through the net or through books suggested by me . God bless you.

Till i write my next blog ,Enjoy some evening views of Chashme Shahi Garden captured recently by me .

A k Mota


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