Friday, July 24, 2009


Today i am uploading 7 old doors of some shrines and buildings in downtown srinagar photographed by me on 19th of july 2009. The first picture is the entrance of Ziyarat of Shahe -Hamdan at Khan Kahe Moula Srinagar .The next view is Ramesh ji living at Batyar Temple Ali Kadal opening the door of shrine of Reshi Peer for us .The third one is the door of a house at BulBul Lanker .The fourth is the door of Batyar temple Ali Kadal. Fifth and sixth views are doors of two old houses at Maharaj Ganj Srinagar . The last one is the door of the tomb of Zain -ul- Abdin's Mother at Maharaj Ganj Srinagar . Enjoy the views along with a couplet of urdu poet late Ghulam Rabbani Tabaan from UP .This one is for all those who live away from the valley for one reason or the other .
Fasle Bahaar Par bhi Aseere Qafas hoon Mein
Gulzaar Ki Fizaa ko mera Intezaar hai
Jaise Fusurdaa Ho Gai Bazme sada O Saaz
Yaraane khushnawa ko Mera intezaar hai.
Ab Bhi Khula Hai Baabe Haram Mere Waaste
Ab Bhi Mere Khuda ko Mera Intezaar Hai
(Ghulam Rabbani Tabaan)
It is spring all over but i am like a bird held in cage,
The Freshness of the garden air waits for me .
The Mehfil of sound and music has suddenly turned gloomy for me over here ,
My friends and well wishers continue to wait for me over there .
The door of the mosque is sill open for me
My god still waits inside for me to come back.
A K Mota



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