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"My Ancestors were Rainas . You must be also a Raina or a koul or a Dhar . So was this saint , a Surajvanshi Rajput . Why do you worry? . Come inside . Our blood is same. This is a saint’s BAARGAH ( Abode ). All are welcome.”

So said the Mutwali at the shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom Sahib when I sought permission to visit innermost area of the shrine to offer my reverence .I also visited the spot where we used to feed Pigeons during my childhood days . When I threw the grains brought from the market below , all of them flew away in fright . I knew my childhood lesson that they immediately come back at the sight of the grains . So they did.

As per Chapter four of “FIVE AULIAS OF KASHMIR ” a book written by Syed Atiq ud Din Bukhari , ancestors of Saint Makhdoom sahib were Surajvanshi Rajput from Nagarkot Kingdom ( Present day Kangra ). King Sehdeva of Kashmir belonged to this clan of Suraj Vanshi Rajputs . Early in 14th centuary , When Zulchu attacked Kashmir, king Sahdev Fled to Kishtwar . When Normalcy returned , Rinchen Shah had taken over the kingdom of Kashmir . Rinchen Shah also got some ministers of King Sehdeva killed at Anderkot (present day Sumbal) . During this period , Ravan Chandra son of Ram Chandra a minister of king Sehdeva converted to Islam and given the title of RAINA . RAINA is the late version of word RAJANKA appearing in Rajtaringini . In those days , a custom was prevailing in Kashmir that if respect had to be shown to any person , the title RENU or Raina would be appended to his name . it was regarded as a mark of distinction. Later on another person from this dynasty named as Himmat Raina , became the commander in chief of king Zain Ul Abdin .Ahmed Raina a wazir in the court of king Zain Ul Abdin was a brother Himmat Raina . Jahangir Raina was son of Ahmed Raina . Saint Hazarat Sheikh Makhdoom sahib is the great grand son of Ahmed Raina . Chaks who were originally a tribe from Gilgit , ruled Kashmir during this period. Disorder and suppression of local populace was prevalent in the rule of CHAKS . They took many poor kashmiris as their Ghulams and Kashmiris also expressed resentment at their practice of taking women folk from kashmir as a Kaneez .They interfered with religious affairs of kashmiris and ruled mostly by intrigues. Sheikh Makhdoom Sahib stood up and sided with the local population expressing his anguish and resentment . Chaks externed him to Sialkot . When Yaqoob Chak ordered the killing of a local Islamic Scholar Qazi Mir people turned furious and agitated . At this point a delegation of kashmiris headed by Yaqoob Sahib Sarfi went to Emperor Akbar and sought help from Mughals to free Kashmir from the Tyranny of CHAKS. Mughal troops landed in Kashmir and Sheikh Makhdoom Sahib returned to valley to guide locals . Peace returned to Kashmir . Sheikh Makhdoom Sahib preached brotherhood, tolerance and compassion . He built a Mosque at Koh Maran or Hari Parbat for his Namaz . He also resided in it.
     ( An old photograph of the Ziarat )
The shrine of this saint is on Kohe Maran or Hari Parbat with a spacious mosque inside . The newly constructed Bachhi Darwaza faces the shrine so is the temple of Ganesh ji nearby. Kashmiri Pandits would bow in reverence at the gate of this Shrine while going to Chakreshwar temple . The temple of Ganesh Ji has also been renovated And is frequented by Pandits . Local Police guards posted in this temple offered us tea . Ali Mohd a local shopkeeper said that he would like the old days to come back when “EK DANTA VAKRA TUNDA” recited by pandits at Ganesh Ji Temple would blend with the DAROOD KHWANI at Makhdoom Sahib shrine . I have uploaded some views of this temple as well. I end this blog with two couplets of late Moti Lal Saaqi kashmiri poet and writer and an authority on Sheikh Noor ud Din Noorani and Lal Ded ( Lalleshwari ). Saaqi sahib was deeply rooted to Kashmiri traditions . He was a noble and kind person full of compassion.. Peace be to his soul.
Khazir Chhum Dil Panun Preth Manziluss kun
Amiss Chhinaa Gueil Gandin Kochh Chhuss na Kenh Deun
Ye Gayee Panus Ander Panus Ziyarat
Mangun Yass tagi Tagaan Nin Valinai Neun

( Moti Lal Saaqi )

My heart is the moving spirit towards all goals .
This heart needs no Bribe nor is it to be begged to move .
This is a Ziyarat within .
Only a true seeker can get
What he wants from this Ziyarat.
( Translation by a k Mota )

Yimov Heuk Drayee Tim Mandori Traavith
Seuthaa leig Baal buzi Chhepee leig Zamaanus
Adeiv Seiki Shaath Tseit Adei Saadir buzei Gayee
Beghar sapdith Zuvuss buss Raachh Thavith
Vonuy roodukh naa Asei kumm Aiss Kot Gai.
(Moti Lal Saaqi )

Those who could afford , left leaving palaces behind .
Many lost their lives in mountains during this cruel period.
Many wandered in the deserts and wilderness ,
Many were eaten up by the devouring seas .
Oblivious of who they were and where they landed ,
They could only save their body after becoming homeless.

(Translation by a k Mota )

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