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i am uploading 10 views of Reshi Peer's abode at Ali Kadal. The door of this saint's abode is usually locked . As and when any devotee wants to go inside , Ramesh ji ,who lives nearby rushes with keys and opens the doors of this historic shrine . As already conveyed ,local residents take complete care of this shrine and also help Ramesh ji in doing so. Enjoy some inside views of the shrine .This great saint also happens to be a tall saint of Reshi order of Kashmir . He lived in later part of 17th centuary and was a trusted disciple of another saint Pandit Krishen Joo kar of Rainawari. Miyan Shah sahib, a muslim worked in the house of Kars at rainawari and so much was the influence of the personality of Krishen joo Kar upon him that he too became a saint and was reverred equally by hindus and muslims. A Ziyarat of this saint still exists in Naidyar area of Rainawari.

Reshi Peer was a contemporory of Makhdoom Sahib. The persian line "BARGE SABZ TOFAI DERVISH" ( Meaning that the gift of a Dervish is only a green Leaf. A dervish does not bring any material presents ) is attributed to Reshi peer and reported to have been said by him to another reverred saint of kahmir Maqdoom sahib who is reported to have invited Reshi peer to dinner in his abode. The NIRVANA day of this saint is celebrated in spring each year and kashmiri Pandits from across various places take part in this annual Event. A hawan is also performed . I have personally seen many old muslims bowing to the shrine during my third visit to the area in July 2009.This great saint is also called as PERR PANDIT PADSHAH. The parents of this saint were actually from Sopore and were called KHUSHOOS . Khushoos lived near the shrine. I have also taken up a photograph of Vitasta from the nearby Batyar temple window . You can also see the New Ali Kadal Bridge . Ramesh Ji lives exactly opposite to the Batyar temple door. The key of this temple door also lies wih him.A Black stone Shiva lingam inside the temple has also been photographed by me. Raffal and and Pashmina shawl lwashers can always be seen at the Vitasta Ghat near the Batyar temple . Whenever i met them they were humble and emotional . Once i joined them in their SHEER CHAAY poured out of the tinned copper SAMAVAR. I have also uploaded photo scan of some lines from a poem of late Shri Moti Lal Saqi .I am Thankful to Sh.Piaray Krishen ji brother in law of late Saqi Sahib for providing me his photograph .Permit me to conclude this blog with my translation of these lines as under:-

"They Left the river banks but the wise civilization
got trapped in wilderness ,
On the shelf of this existence
those who lived together turned into spears ,.
Immerse me in VITASTA when i turn into a fistful of ash
Else my country men shall always curse
and pass satire on me for being a countryless.
To me , terrible is the loss of my land and its memories
we are like a poor man 's bundle of the lidless utensils ."
(Moti Lal Saqi )

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