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Enjoy some typical kashmir views. Children coming out of the school at 3 PM photographed by me at Kunangam near Kupwara. The host asking the cook to put another GUSHTAABA piece to his friend . This is common practice with kashmiris. A police man leaves his gun aside and rushes to take NIAZ ( piece of Mutton ) from a devotee at SHAHE HAMDAAN Ziyarat. A woman devotee about to bow at the entrance of Shahe Hamdan Ziyarat. Grave stone cutter of Karan Nagar in action at his shop.Piegeons at Shahae Hamdan Ziyarat. A Kashmiri Dry Vegetable shop at Bohri Kadal . Copper utensil sellers at Maharaj Ganj sleep inside their shops due to mid day heat in kashmir . The temperature rose to 33 degrees in July this year . Very unusual.Hawan get together at Zeethyar in June 2009. School Buses Waiting for boys of CMS Tyandale Biscoe school Lal chowk .Permit me to say some words about GULZAAR Sahib.Once during a long waiting at NewDelhi Air Port Lounge , I stole the opportunity to talk to film Lyricist GULZAAR sitting nearby . His reluctance to talk melted as soon as he came to know that I was a kashmiri. His knowledge about Kashmir amazed me .Gulzaar sahib Knows HEEMAL NAAGRAI the folk lore of kashmir ..He knows where AHARBAL waterfall is . He knows ARU valley near Pahelgham.. He knows Ambri , American , Maharaji , Hazratbali and Delicious varieties of apples of kashmir . He knows about the jeep ride of Bakshi Ghulam Mohd over Frozen DAL surface . He has kept himself updated about every aspect of kashmir.What a wonderful man he is ? I may inform my readers that Lyricist GULZAAR “s real name is Sampuran Singh Kalra . Gulzar Sahib worked as assistant to BIMAL ROY the Doyen of Indian Cinema. It was during the making of Bandhini , late Shailendra requested Bimal Roy to introduce one song by this young man in the movie . Pat came reply from the Mastero :-
“ Shailendra ji Koi Kaam ka Baat Karo .”
Shailendra then Read the song to Bimal Roy who heard it with rapt attention . He immediately asked for recording of the song . So entered Sampuran singh Kalra in the film industry as Lyricist GULZAAR. The song “Mora Gora Ang Leyee le , Mohe Shyaam Rang Deye De. Chhup Jaon gi Raat hi me ,Mohe Pee kaa Sang deyee de ”continues to be all time favourite of many generations therafter.

Gulzar wrote many songs in films . He directed some films . He wrote screenplays for a number of films . He has recently been honoured with OSCAR ( Academy award ) for his song Jai Ho. For certain I can say that this is not his best song. Lyrics wise, Not a very good song altogether . Whatever people say about his man , I am touched by one of his songs for bollywood movie RUDAALI Picturised on Dimple Kapadia and sung to perfection by Lata Ji . YAARA SILI SILI . Here goes the song and its English translation :-.

Yaara Sili Sili
Dola sili Sili
Birha ki Raat Ka Jalna

Yeh Bhi koi Jeena ?
Yeh Bhi koi Marna ?

Tooti Huyee Chudiyon se ,
Jodoon mein Kalai re.
Pichhali gali Me Jaane,
Kya Chhod aayee Mein .
Beeti Hui Galiyon Se
Phir Se Guzarnaa .

Yaara Sili Sili
Dola sili Dola Sili

Pairon Me na Saaya ,
Sar pe na sain re .
Mere saath Jaaye na ,
Meri Parchhayee re.
Bahar Ujaala hai ,
Ander Veeraana.
Yaara sili Sili
Birha Ki Raat Ka Jalna
( Gulzaar )

Love ! this separation from thee
Is like night long smouldering of my being
Pity this living !
Pity this type of Dying !
I decorate my arms with broken bangles ,
I know nothing about what I left behind in
The lanes and paths of my old existence.
Don’t make me to tread the lanes left behind
Love this separation from thee
Is like night long smouldering of my being .
My feet are shoeless
No godly hand touches my head
My own shadow
Refuses to accompany me .
Love Don’t go by the external glitter of my being
A desert lies within this heart!.

Love ! this separation from thee
Is like night long smouldering of my being
(Translation A K Mota )

You deserved much more from life Gulzaar Sahib. Long life and good health to you.
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  1. thanks for the English translation

  2. I was lucky to stumble upon this page tonight. What is the exact meaning of Sili, Sili and Dola? From the context of the film, it seems to mean 'slowly, slowly' but can't figure out Dola. Does it mean 'body'? Regards. Manu

  3. One more request. What is the language from which the words 'silli' and 'dhola' are taken? Going by the film, it could be Hindi spoken by tribal people in Rajasthan, but I am not sure. Thanks. Regards. Manu

  4. Your English translation is fine for folks who don't know Hindi. But for others only some Punjabi expressions like dola, bhora, and sili are intriguing.


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