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"Marriage Events  in Hotels" is the fastest growing  New  Businees window   ; We can name it "Wedding Industry."

In India, Marriage Business is  about 10000 crores annually and it is growing at 25% every year. Directly or indirectly ,it gives gainful employment to about  1.5 crore persons .After central Govt (2.15 crore employees in 2017 survey) , Marriage Industry happens to be the secong biggest employer ( direct plus indirect ) in the country.

The rise of affluence has transformed Indian wedding into a Lavish affair. It supports so many allied industries and  trades like photogrphy, videogrphy, Beauty and fitness, Flower trade, Musical groups, Decorators, Electric shops,  Cracker sellers, Bakery, Mithai ,Fashion Apparel stores soft drinks and juices etc .
I was informed by GM of a  prestigious Hotel in Delhi that 35 to 40 percent of the revenue of their Hotel comes from wedding segment.

 I am sure that this industry is recession proof and provides an ever expanding and untapped Potential for Hotels. With half of India' s population being under 30 years of age, the marriage market Is all set to Boom in next 10 years.

(Autar Mota)

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