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Yesterday ,I wrote a  Poem SAFAR or Journey in Kashmiri. The poem  encompasses three stages of existence; The Arrival, The Journey and The Pack Up. A linkage to the concept of seek, acquire and abandon. Emerge from darkness, become visible and slip into darkness to complete the cycle.

Part I focuses on arrival or creation . It is like a speck of light being born in darkness . This tiny spot gradually becoming the  benign  Bright light that creates  inertia and visibility.  In  Part II, we come to the journey or travel or flight or an individual set against the benign nature of this universe. This benign nature infuses hopes, desires, experimentation and acquisition. At journey time, the visible world, tempts, attracts and makes us forget its very transitory nature. And then   Part 3  gives a feeling of Pack up and   journey’s futility. The bright light spectacle getting dimmer and dimmer  at every moment . A time   to start preparation for disembarking. Check up  your Luggage .“ Every traveler is himself responsible for his luggage. ” That is truth of the Journey . A  feeling within  erupts to convey “ Where will you   carry all this . Should have travelled light ” . Soon  darkness and silence shall rule . The huge fireball that emits light shall become a small dot and vanish .But then,  preparations shall begin for next day’s journey assigned to  New  Travelers .The Journey’s Cycle shall  continue.

Here is the Poem…………………… 


Aneigatti sadaruss Gaasha pheora phott, Gaasha pheora guv Taafuk Aagur, Meull guvv samayuss, Bur gayyi yalla zun, Chak Mak chak Mak,. Pravaa peyyi netran, Gaasha pravunn hundh Akh yeni-volla, Bar tal Aamut,
T'chull ro'ss
Mull r'oss,
Neish bodh Baaluk
Pokk safaruss ku'nn
Kaetti Aamut ?
Kaetti ko'rr Gatchhun chhu'ss

Neuol, Vassi
andha -Ross Aakaasha,
Gatta Putchh Aasithh
Vattie Vattie Gaasha,
Saaf, Shuhul,
Chholmut pokk Vaava,
Vuff tulnuss az
Kuss chhu Na Haavas,
Haavas sombraeni
Guund gayi yalla zunn,
Phollvienn Heeethar,
Mushkienn Adafar
Rang Tchari Raasha
Fur Fur Fur Fur...

Shaamitch Tchhaaya !
Aaya aneigatta?
Doh  Tcho’ll  Atha  Manza,
Vasaneitch  Phrata Phrata ,
Nug Ganzraavuv
Beyi  Akh  Meela ,
Safaras Andh Voat
Sakhar Sabeela ,
Siriyus Vaen Gatchhi
Gaasha Pheora Akh,
Loat Loat Beyi Vassi
Aneigatti Sadaruss ,
Zoov  Zeatt’a Tchhetta Gatchhi
Chhoppa Gatchhi Gaatan,
Huetti Laeggi Sakhraa
Seikki Taeil  Joiy  Paekki
Beyi  Phaetti Gaetti Munz
Gaasha Pheora  Akh…

(Autar Mota)................................................
For friends who don't understand Kashmiri, I have done a simple English rendering of all the three parts as under ...................
A speck of light
Burst forth from the dark ocean,
This stain,.
A source of all pervading visibility.
Two moments,.
In close embrace,
And closed doors,
Suddenly flung ajar.
And when the rays fall upon eyes ,
A dazzle this way ,
And a dazzle that way .
And then, this moving caravan of floodlights,
Suddenly arrives at the door.
There ,
A child without malice,
A child without ill feelings,
And look,
Innocence and simplicty ,
Set forth on this worldly journey.
Where from did it arrive?
What is it's final destination ?

The sky !
Blue, unbounded and vast,
The Breeze !
Clear, pleasant and washed clean.
A dark moonless fortnight period
Yet floodlit and bright
Who does not want to fly and soar high?
The bundle of desires within ,
Open all knots and seals.
Bathed in perfume
Lies the Flower laden jasmine creeper.
" Fur Fur Fur Fur "
Flies in the restless colourful sparrow
in the free sky..

( 3)
  Ah These Evening Time shadows !
Has darkness arrived ?
The day slipped way ,
Now , 
The  anxiety  to get off ,
Just a mile left of this journey ,
Better check up belongings / Luggage now.
The Journey’s end ,
Pack up  for disembarking,
very soon,
This sun shall be a speck of light ,
And then ,
Slowly it shall slip
and sink into the dark ocean.
Life’s embers shall
Soon be nothing But  Cold ashes ,
 And the river banks shall soon slip into silence.
And then ,
A Fresh stream of water
shall  slowly  move below  the Wasteland  ,
 And Once more ,
A speck of light
 Shall Burst forth from the dark  Ocean……

( Autar Mota )


Photo source ..Internet with Due thanks to  Individuals  who uploaded these pictures  .

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