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                                              ( with Artists from kashmir valley )
 (With  France Based  well known  Bangla Deshi Artist Shab ud din Ahmed  ( in red shirt) .)

  Born in 1950 , Shahab Ud Din Ahmed is a Hero of Liberation War of his country . 

Adds Veer Munshi :

“ It was a pleasure to be with him some time back. In fact we travelled together to Turkey and Jordon on some invitation. He is a Great artist , wonderful Human being and a great Art activist . “

                  (With well known Artist Vivan sundram)
                                                           (with Ranjit Hoskote)
                                     ( With Austria based artist  kapil kaul )
                                                     ( With   well known Theatre Personality M K Raina )

VEER MUNSHI.......(Born1955)

"Veer ji, This is Autar Mota, We had fixed up a meeting at 4PM, I am free .It is 2 PM and i am Just roaming inside Ambience Mall. Can i come over right now?"

" Sure !, Welcome. Can you locate my place inside National Media Centre Colony Gurugram or i need to guide you ?"

" I will try. If i can't , then surely i will be seeking your help"

I end the mobile communication and hire a Battery operated Cab. It drops me at Veer Munshi's duplex studio cum residence.

Influence of Art is visible right from entrance ; An orderly and tidy shoe case at the door with a porcelain dog near by .The dog looks relaxed and appears like a guard at the entrance. Furniture ,flooriing, wall hangings etc look Simple but artistic in lay out and placements. Entire first floor has been converted to a studio. So many finished canvases, framed photographs, Brushes, Books, Aisle, Tables, Colours, and Art material. I take a look at everything. 

" What will you have, It is lunch time ? Have food, We had it just now. "

" I am shortly going to Dacca (Bangla Desh) to chez loparticipate in an Exhibition.I also plan to visit to USA and stay there for a month or so. I had been to Helsinki ."

" That is all commissioned work . In a way sold though the physical possession is still with me ."

" Yes this is that "Last super " done by me. You can see almost all Established Artists in this canvas ."

Tea, biscuits and some snacks arrive. We sip tea.

" Uprootment from valley has been terribly painful and bitter experience .Our elders had no choice except going through hell . And Kashmir remains in my soul. Can't knock it out. Any pain or suffering of that land gives me pain. I am an Artist , a human being and a sensitive person who dislikes bloodshed, killings and suffering. The sufferings of innocent people from any segment of the society pains me..Pain and suffering has no religion ,caste , colour or creed. Kashmir has seasons, Flowers, unmatched natural beauty but Pain and suffering as well. This tragedy has been beautifully summed up in an Urdu couplet.I quote...

Sarv o saman Bhi Mauj e naseem e Sehar Bhi Hai ,
Aey Gul Teray Chaman Mein Koyee chashme tar bhi hai...................... .."

I see his work that has been systematically stored in the Hard disc of his Desktop. Enormous ,Prolific and full of creative experimentation. You find Oil on canvas, Installations, Tableaus( Republic Day ) , Metal work, Papier Mache, Wood work, Mixed Media and so many other techniques in his creative output. And he is unbelievably updated about World Art and Artists.

                                                                     ( Installation )
                                                             ( The Library in Studio )

                                                   (GANDHI JI TRYING WELDING..).

As we keep talking, Gajjar ka halwa is brought in. It is home made and free from ghee or extra sugar.

I am shown a video that has a burning house with a man walking and walking restlessly . This lone Walker covers various seasons yet the house continues to burn.A serious mini film though silent yet full of moving pathos that it conveys.This is another form of creative work upon which veer Munshi has lately embarked .

I see his photographs. Abandoned ,burnt and crumbling houses from valley. A painful reminder of valley's suffering .He exhibited them at so many places .

" Would you like to meet M L Kotru? He lives near by in this complex. And Autar ji wait. I will drop you at Sikanderpur Metro station in my car. From there, you can catch a direct Metro to New Delhi. Wait, Please"

Veer Munshi has graduated in Fine Arts from M S University Baroda.. He has exhibited his work in prestigious Art Galleries of India, Australia, Turkey ,Russia, Scotland, Switzerland , Finland and many more countries.

Next time more about the work of this Painter, Sculptor, Video Artist and photographer. 

(Autar Mota)
The couplet quoted by Veer Munshi is from a gazal of progressive Urdu poet Jazbi.It could be loosely translated as  ..

(  You have the Cypress and the Jasmine and  the wafting morning Breeze as well,
 O Flower ! Look around carefully ,  There sits a person with moist eyes in your garden  .)

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