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Mohd Rafi , Sahir Ludhianavi and Composer Khayam...

Adds khayam..

" I worked with Sahir sahib in many films. Each venture was a hit. I can recall " Phir subah hogi,  Chambal ki kasam, Trishul, Kala Pathar, Shagun and Kabhi Kabhi" .We spoke punjabi.He spoke a little different tone that is spoken in  Malwa  area of Punjab. People from Ludhiana district speak in that tone . I spoke Doabi spoken in Jalandhar district . He would always call  me "Veer "meaning   brother. I got  Kabhi kabhi project only because of Sahir sahib. Sahir sahib was highly impressed by my song " Aey dil e nadaan" that I composed for Kamaal Amrohi's film Razia Sultan.

Sahir sahib was a family member of Chopras. Especially Yash ji  had great regard and respect for Sahir sahib. Sahir sahib's suggestion and opinion was some what binding  for yash ji.
It so happened one day that when I returned to my house, I found Sahir sahib, yash ji and my wife Jagjit kaur having some discussion in a park near our house. When they saw me, Sahir sahib  said,

"Veer ji ,listen ,yash  ji wants to make a film that revolves around my life. I have recommended your name as composer. So get ready for this project. See yash ji and me tomorrow. We have discussed the rest with Jagjit ji."


Composer khayyam, Gulshan Rai (Producer),   Sahir and Lata ji 1978...Project .TRISHUL.

 Yash  chopra  never dared to change a word from any song that Sahir penned for his films. For this reason, Sahir had refused to work with S D Burman. S D Burman had created a club song from  Sahir's Gazal (Tadbeer se Bigdi huyi  Taqdeer banaa le) sung by Geeta Dutt that was later used in BAAZI by Guru Dutt.  Sahir felt aggrieved   inspite of the fact that the club song was instant hit .He had also issues with other  composers with whom he had decided to work on his own terms. But Trishul was a 1978  production. Sahir had lost his mother. This tragedy had changed the man who was now given to excessive drinking.He had gone into a shell. A few friends visited him. Dr kapoor , his physician was now more close to him. He avoided Mushairas. No parties and no groups of friends surrounded him any more.
He reluctantly wrote songs for  his friend  Yash Chopra's Trishul .  For project TRISHUL, He wrote  a song ;
"  O sanam hum donon saath rahein janam  janam..
Aa bhi ja  Baahon  mein , Pyaar ka ho sangam" ,

About this song composer Khayyam informs:

"Yash ji asked me to begin the song with " Gaapuchi Gaapuchi Gum Gum, Kishi  ki kishi ki kum kum" bearing in mind the taste of youth during those days. This addition to the song was provided by Yash ji. When I heard it, I told yash ji that  neither the lines appealed to my sensibilities nor will Sahir Sahib approve all this. But yash ji was adamant. Yash ji didn't dare to go to sahir Sahib and instead asked me to get it approved. When I told sahir Sahib he disapproved it saying  " Na yaara Na, Aey te gaana kharaab karan di gal hai" or "No friend No. This shall spoil the song." . I persisted and added that the youth would love it and yash ji wants it to be included.He was again not inclined to agree and told me that he shall speak to yash ji himself." Me Aape gal karaanga yash naal" .I knew Yash ji would not listen that i could not get the lines approvrd. I persisted and played the song to sahir sahib.He listened and relented " kee kariye , tussi te faisla kitaa hega aey line rakhni hi rakhni hai .Chal kar le yaar"  or " What can be done when you have already decided to bring these lines. Okay friend, keep the lines." This is how the song came into being."

(Autar Mota)

Sources for the write up ... Interview of Khayyam and Akshay Manwani's Book on Sahir Ludhianavi.

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