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( A Zaha Hadid architecture near the Highline)


(Mobile Photos.. Avtar Mota)

Highline ( 20 feet Higher from the Ground Below) is a beautiful walkway or an elevated linear park built on abandoned Railway track near Hudson Dockyard. The Railway ( Freight ) track that was laid in 1934 used to bring goods from Hudson Dockyard to Industrial units and Meat packing Trading centre near present Chelsea market , was suddenly abandoned in 1980 due to so many reasons , Primarily Industrial recession and a long term shift to Trucks for point to point Freight carriage . The Track was extensively used by the then National Biscuit ( NABISCO ) that had a huge manufacturing space near present day Chalsea market on 28th Street.

Once the track was abandoned , the real estate owners moved in to acquire the land . Friends of Highline moved to court and were successful in obtaining a decree for conversion of the abandoned Railway Track to an Urban walkway at a staggering cost of 152 Million US Dollars out of which a sum of 44 million US dollars was pooled in through public donations . The remaining  amount came as government grants . The high line is now managed and operated by a committee of eminent persons known as “ Friends of High line “ who arrange donations and Government Grants.

The first phase of this 2.30 km long beautiful high rise walkway was opened in 2009 and the entire highline was thrown open to public in 2044. As you walk on this 2.30 kms long elevated walk way , you see a variety of urban landscaping apart from the Abandoned tracks. You see Flowers , Ornamental plants , Trees , Benches, Steel Track , Elevators ( To pick you up from road that is 20 feet below ) at various points , Hudson River view points and so many attractions . 

Begining  from Hudson River bank in west of 34th street it ends at present day Chelsea Market that was also known as Gansevoort street (Meat packing district).

You also see many high rise buildings as you walk. A high rise residential Building designed by Zaha Hadid ( 1950-2016 ) famous Iraqi Architect attracts your attention. Possibly under construction still ( as I noticed a Crane at its roof top ), The Building has innovative curved glass exteriors . 

As you move close to Chalsea apartments, a home to New York’s creative people , you notice a change in the landscape of the high line . From some transparent glass walls that are very close to the high line , you can see men and women doing yoga. They are not concerned who walks close by.

During morning and evening hours , you can see joggers and walkers in track suits or shorts. Some refreshment vends too can be seen on the High line.

The view of Hudson river close by is majestic and breathtaking from every view point on the High line .

( Avtar Mota )

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