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                   ( One side of the Wular lake .. Nov.2016.. Photo  source Times of India 13th Nov.2016)
         ( Another side of the Wular lake ..Nov 2016.. Photo  source Times of India13th Niv,2016)


 Was it the biggest fresh water lake of Asia? I don't know.

Was it  Maha-Padmaasar as mentioned in Neelamatpurana and kalhana’s Rajatarangini? I don't know.
Was this the lake that kashmiris dreaded  for its  strong winds after 4 PM ? Swimming in the lake was considered a big achievement . And crossing the lake meant a distinction. The popular kashmiri saying went like this :-

“ N  O Pass Magar Wular Cross.” Or “ I have no  formal education but look , I have crossed the wular Lake .  What more you need now ?”

I may not be surprised, if in November 2020, i see a Board at the   Lake that could be as under...

"Welcome to Wularpora..Plots for sale...5 Marla ,10 Marla ,1 Kanal and 2 kanals. Built in Duplex Bunglows and ready to move in Flats also available...Inner roads 30 feet wide . Government Approved Colony . Modern Drainage and sewerage .

"Save Kashmir Builders"
Main Market

Corporate office
Eco Friendly  Villa ,
Save Dal Colony,
 Chaar Chinar,
 Inside Dal Lake
Srinagar ....

Branches At...

Pulwama, shopian, Kulgam,Ananatnag, kupwara
And all major towns.

Reach us..

Tel......25 lines
( Free site visit in Jeep from 10 to 5PM every day .For Booking from Jammu contact

So many reasons for  this colossal  neglect . Some say the  aggressive Poplar and willow  plantation around the lake . Some say deposit of silt that led to sealing and closure of so many fresh water springs in the lake . some say the rapid deforestation in the upstream areas and global change in  ecosystems..  That  all is for the experts to say ; But for a common man a grand lake is on its Death Bed .  Due to Encroachments ,  217 sq km lake has now been reduced to a mere 85 sq km.

 Anchaar Lake,  Near Srinagar city is  Dead now. Our  world famous  Dal Lake in Srinagar  has lost 70 per cent of its capacity due to encroachments , growth of  wild   weeds and construction activity .

Can we restore life back to this lake  that is facing extinction on all fronts  ?

To this post , I am adding three lines from a Kashmiri poem of Vasudev Reh . Late Vasudev ji was from sopore, a town that has close proximity to Wular Lake. Though blind by birth, he had a vision that could see coming events with exceptional clarity..

Maaney booziv yiman kalaaman Hosha Hosh
Aalav myon iyee shaaman shaaman hosha Hosh..
Myaan yahaai kraekh shahran gaaman hosha hosh
( Vasudev Reh )

"Take Care, Care my friend, "
Understand what I intend to communicate..
My call shall always be there ,
Every evening I shall awaken you.
"Take care, Care my friend.."..
I keep crying in our cities ,
I keep crying in our villages,
"Take care, Care my friend..."

( Autar Mota )

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