Monday, August 7, 2017


                         ( SARDAR WITH DR SHANKER DAYAL SHARMA )

                               ( SARDAR WITH POET JAGAN NATH AZAD )

Mrs Indira Gandhi , Sri I K Gujral ,Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee And Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma happened to be the admirers of the poetry Ali Sardar jafri..

To  the above  photos , i add some more lines from his poem “SARHAD “ ....…….

" Samajh Liya hai jisse tum ne mulk ki sarahad
Woh sarhad e dilo jaan hai hamaara jism hai woh
Haseen Buland Muqqadas jawaan Pakeeza
Hai iss ka naam Khayaabaan e Jannat e kashmir
Hai iss ka naam Gulistaan e Dilli o Punjab
Hum iss ko pyaar se kehtain hain lucknow bhi Kabhi
Tum Isse Tegh ke honton se chhu nahin saktay
Adab se Aao ki ghalib ki sarzameen hai yeh
Adab se aao Ki hai Meer ka Mazaar yahaan
Nizam o Kaki o Chisti ke Aastaane hain
Jhuka do teghon ke sar Baargaah e Rehmat mein
Hamaare dil Mein Rafaaqat bhi aur Pyaar Bhi Hai
Tumhaare Wastay Yeh Rooh Beqaraar Bhi Hai .."
( Ali Sardar Jafri )

"My simple English Rendering would be .......

"What you understand by "Country ’s Border" ,
In fact,
It happens to be
A boundary of Our heart , soul
And Body as well.
Gorgeous, Lofty , Sacred , Youthful and untainted ,
We call it Flowerbed of the Paradise called Kashmir,
Call it the Garden of Punjab and Delhi ,
Quite often ,
We call it Lucknow too ,
Never and by no means ,
Can you touch it with a sword’s tip ?
Come with Love ,
A warmhearted Welcome to the Land of Ghalib,
Come ;
Come devotedly ,
For Poet Meer’s Grave lies here only ,
Here alone are the shrines of Nizam Ud Din Aulia ,
Bakhtiar Kaki and Moin ud din Chisti ,
Put down your swords before these courtyards of benevolence ,
Our Hearts are full of compassion ,
Our Hearts are full of Love ,
This soul is restless and
Too eager to meet you
And You alone …

( Avtar Mota )

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