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                                ( PROF. R L SHANT AND DR KSHEMA KAUL )

                               ( Prof shant )
                       ( Dr Kshema kaul )
                                ( padamshri Rajinder Tikoo Sculptor  )
                                   ( Sh Narinder safaya )
                             ( Vijay saraf Meenaghe well known artist )

 (  L to R .M L Saraf  Doyen of Theatre in J&K State , Dr Advaitvadini kaul and Shri Utpal kaul )


( Photographs ...Autar Mota )

DIALOGUE is a unique Initiative in our state that has come from some like minded Individuals from the field of Art, Literature, Music , Social service etc. The idea to hold Baithaks ( Sittings ) and involve youth from among various sections of the society has proved of immense utility in Bridging so many gaps .

It is an effort towards promoting integration , Peace and goodwill through Art , literature , Music and social service . Conceived by Narinder Safaya Advocate supreme Court of India and a poet himself, it is supported by a dedicated team comprising of Prof. Arvind Gigoo (English Author) , T K Jalali ( composer , Vocalist and former Principal Institute of Music and fine Arts ) , Makhan Lal Saraf (Doyen of Theatre Movement in J&K State) , Shadi Lal Koul (Well Known Theatre Artist) , Prof R L Shant ( Hindi and Kashmiri writer ) ,Dr Ayaz Rasool Nazki ( Poet , Writer and Former Head ICCR Kashmir ) , Indu Bushan Zutshi ( Writer and Trade Union Leader ) , M K Santoshi ( Hindi Poet and writer ) , Gokul Dembi ( Artist ) , Autar Mota ( writer , Blogger and poet ), Jangs Verman ( Journalist, Photographer and writer ) and Many More Individuals .

In every Baithak , Two Prominent persons from our State from the field of Art , Literature , Drama , Music and social Service are called to speak about their life and work to a select gathering . Every effort is made to involve youth. Some Baithaks (Gatherings) are to be exclusively held for younger generation drawn from various sections of the society .The purpose is to acquaint them with our rich cultural past and peaceful coexistence .
In previous BAITHAKS ( Sittings ) , Sh. Triloke Kaul ( Well Known Artist ) , Sh. Makhan Lal Saraf ( Theatre ) , Dr Ayaz Rasool Nazki ( Poet , writer and Former Head ICCR ) , PadamShri Rajinder Tikoo ( Sculptor ) , Prof R L Shant noted Hindi and Kashmiri writer and Farooq Nazki (well known Kashmiri poet and Media personality), G R Hasarat Gadda ( Writer and critic ), T K Jalali ( Composer and vocalist ) were invited as Principal speakers .

Dr Kshema kaul Well known Hindi short story Writer , Novelist and Poet happened to be the principal speakers in Today’s BAITHAK. She spoke about her Life, Struggle and contribution in the filed of Hindi literature .

It may be in fitness of things to mention that Dr Kshema kaul’s Novel DARDPUR published by Gyanpeeth has come in three successive prints . This Novel has been prescribed as a course Text Book for post Graduation By a prestigious University in Gujrat. . It was a surprise to learn that the Author has earned a Royalty of more than rupees 1 lakh from this Book. The novel has been translated into many Languages within the country . She received many awards for this work. Her other prominent published works include “ Samay ke Baad ( Diary ) ," Nikki Tawi Par Rehearsal ( Novel ) " and “Baadalon Meing Aag ( Poetic collection )”. All these Books have been well received by Book SAMAY KE BAAD ( DIARY ) Won her  prestigious HRD Ministry Award which she received from Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma the then President of India . Her poems and Book Reviews have been published so many Hindi Magazines published all over india .

She has lived in Delhi and Allahabad . She has traveled to every nook and corner of the country and according to her " I am familiar with so many cultures tied under one basic thread of truth and Humanity ." 

Speaking about Pangs of Exile , Dr Kshema kaul added “ Exile has been a bitter experience . We are a body not a soul. Today you may have all the comforts of life but the very idea of missing your own land and home washes down all these material gains .You are left to think " Why did it happen ? What is My fault ?"

Dr Kshema kaul also clarified many issues relating to her work . According to her , A time comes in the life of a writer when he wants to say something straight and direct. She added that So many things are meant to be put across to a vast audience which is impossible in the language of Metaphors or Camouflages .

Dr Kshema Kaul believes that a writer never stops thinking . Accordingly, her next Project is a Novel on her own sister and sculptor Hema kaul ( 1958-2010 ) . It may not be out of place to mention that Theatre legend   and Art Critic Ebrahim Alkazi ( Founding Director of National School of Drama) has done a film ( For Doordarshan ) on the life and work of  Hema kaul  . Apart from that , Alkazi has also purchased good number of Hema’s Sculptures .

(Autar Mota )

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