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Having read his books , I have every reason to say that this man remains under exposed to a vast majority of Indians . He was a different writer , a different thinker and altogether different in his style and narration . Those among us , who have not read him, have surely missed some great literature .
I will not say much about his life and work as all this available on net. I will not list his Books , Plays , short stories and Novels . Let me see what different I am capable to tell about this genius .

Vrindavanlal verma was a Srivastava kaysath born in Mauranipur Village near Jhansi. His ancestors were warrior patriots who were in employment with Rani of Jhansi. His great Grandfather Dewan Anand Rao Commanded a contingent of soldiers who fought against the British forces that invaded Jhansi. Some among his ancestor also served King Chhatrsaal , a contemporary of Chhatrapati Shivaji and fought against the forces of Aurangzeb to preserve the independence of Bundelkhand.

He was a lawyer , a prolific writer , a Hunter , a lover of books , an avid lover of cinema( even in his old age ), a researcher , a peasant at heart , an Arya samaji and a man in love with rivers , hills , Forests , Flora ,Fauna and folklore of Bundelkhand.

No one and I repeat NONE can come up to his caliber in the art of writing a Historical Novel. To believe me , you just need to read his THREE Novels only; Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi Bai , Kachnaar and Mriganayani.


Verma ji wrote some historical Novels with strong women Charactrs like Rani of Jhansi , Mriganayani , Maharani Durgavati , Ahilya Bai and Rani of Ramgarh. All these women come up Graceful, Powerful , Compassionate , Decisive and courageous . These women carry a sword in their hand while their faces are like a fresh lotus flowers; Tender and inspiring. They wear a saffron Turban over their heads yet heir complexions are dazzle and Radiate a grace and beauty that could floor even their strongest enemy .
Maharani Durgavati has been portrayed as a quintessence of bravery and Beauty when she confronts her enemy in the Battle field. She demonstrates defiance to the rigid caste system . She steps out to marry a lower caste Gond king” Dalpati Shah “ in a tactical alliance against an expected invasion from Humayun. Kirti singh ,Her Rajput Father objects to it though he wants his kingdom saved .
Kachnaar is the name of his another heroine who marries a Thakur Raja Dalip singh . She was a maid who attracts attention of the Raja . Her Character and grace have been portrayed with perfect precision by Verma ji .
His Novel Mriganayani presents Ninni a poor Gujjar girl as Gracious , Skilled in archery ,Beautiful , Gazelle eyed, sharp witted , dedicated and sincere. She becomes Raja Man singh Tomar’s queen . She proves a brave warrior and dies defending her land . And Ninni becomes Mriganayani after she marries Raja Man singh Tomar.
The immortal maestro Baiju Bawara adorned Man sigh Tomar’s court .To please Mriganayani and to make Raja man singh happy , Baiju created Raaga Gujari Todi and Mangal Todi.
In his Novel Mriganayani , verma ji has weaved another wonderful love tale of Atal and lakhi ( a girl from Low caste ). Lakhi is brave and beautiful .
Mriganayani has all the ingredients for which Verma ji is famous. These are Historical authenticity . Gripping narrative , Powerful Characters and Crisp Dialogues .
In his Novel Jhansi Ki Rani , The Character of Rani of Jhansi is exemplary . So is the character of two girls Chhoti and Jhalkari who belong to Lower castes .These women leave an indelible impression on your mind.
If he wrote about ordinary women , he made them to appear Graceful , capable of living a life on their own terms. These women are physically strong and socially progressive in a society that was feudal , riddled with caste system and obsolete customs and traditions . Women in his works have individuality and self respect. They live intensely and die courageously .


Ordinary people were heroes in his works. His historical Novels revolve around kings and queens but the real heroes that emerge from these books are ordinary people . Priests , Feudal Lords and Revenue collectors get a poor treatment in most of his works.
Rama ,the heroine of his Novel LAGAN is poor yet daring girl who swims across Betwa river to inform her would be in laws about the accident of their son Devi Singh. Devi Singh's father ,who is against their marriage alliance (as Rama's family is unable to pay adequate dowry) undergoes a change of heart to see Rama's commitment.

In Toote Kaante , the Character of fugitive dancer Noorbai is so impressive that it leaves you dazzled. Her presence of mind and conviction in saving her lover Mohan from Dacoits has been amazingly described by Verma ji. The human warmth in describing Noorbai's character moves the reader .
His work is a grand tribute to ordinary people more specifically to womanhood.


Verma ji would say ;
“ I am not a priest , Mullah , Preacher or a bishop , But I have a duty to the society “
In his work , Verma ji is all against Dowry , superstitions , super natural powers , Cruel widow System . His Novel Pratayagaat , Virta ki Padmini ,Lagan, Prem ki Bheint bear ample evidence about his Progressive beliefs .


Every historical Novel has been written by him after a thorough unbiased research . While writing Jhansi ki Rani, he consulted some old revenue records and met great great grand children of some officials associated with Jhansi kingdom.
He did some extensive research for more than 3 years before he wrote Mriganayani.
one is also led to believe that Verma ji was a liberal person and a strong votary of Hindu Muslim Unity .He does not accept the theory that the entire Mughal period was an alien rule that only created Hindu Muslim wars .In his work , one comes across many wars between Hindu and Muslim rulers where common people fought for both irrespective of their religious affiliations . Muslim rulers had Hindu Commanders and Hindu Kings had Muslim Generals .


I have gathered enough evidence that verma ji visited Kashmir twice. He also wrote a play “kashmir ka kaanta” based on Pakistan sponsored Tribal raid in Kashmir during October 1947 . He had also completed a historical novel on Kashmir’s Glorious king lalitaditya possibly in 1967. The manuscript was with him till his death. Lately in 2010, Prabhat Prakashan (4/19, Asaf Ali Raod, New Delhi-110002 ),  publisher of this book Titled Lalitaditya and the same is now available on Amazon.For this Book he had done extensive research for more than two years . The book presents King Lalitaditya in true colours . It now appears that Verrma ji had a profound study of Rajataringini also   without which the Novel could not have been compiled by him.

More some time later ………
( Autar Mota )

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