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                                  ( A man selling Turnips on Nala maar 1927 )
                                                ( A Bazaar scene kashmir 1910 )
                                                   ( A Vegetable Shop  in Srinagar 1904 )

                                          ( A Bazaar Scene  1915 in kashmir )
                                        ( Vegetable sellers in Boats  on Nala Maar kashmir  )


  The above photographs have been clicked during the  early part of 20th century . Looking at some photographs of that period, it appears that  Electric Power and Municipal tap water was not available to all  residents of Srinagar city at that time. Some elders say that electric Power  was supplied to city in 1911. The issue needs authentic clarification.  

 A turbine based Mini Power house on Jhelum Banks near present day Old Secretariat was first built to supply electricity to Maharja’s Palace . A Power house was also built at Mohra in 1908 to supply electric power to residents of srinagar City. Initially Power from Mohra was used for dredging river Jhelum and running silk factory apart from lighting Maharaja's Palace and  some offices.

A British Engineer was also engaged by Maharaja for construction of a Reservoir near Harwan for supply of tap water to city .People had no wrist watches , Time pieces or clocks . Just the deafening sound of a Canon fired from Hari Parbat Fort made them believe that it was 12 Noon.

Naala Maar connected Dal Lake with Aanchaar Lake and was a busy waterway to carry goods, vegetables and people using Boats, shikaras and Doongas.

At that point of time , kashmiri vegetable sellers were mostly moving in Boats along Jhelum river or various Inland water canals of srinagar City.

Turnip and Radish ( Round variety ) was brought in Boats for city dwellers who purchased it in bulk during late Autumn for harsh winters ahead . During summers , Green Leafy Haak , Vosta Haak ( Early springtime ) Gourds, Potatoes , Onions , Pumpkins ,Ridge Gourds ( Torella in kashmiri ), Tomatoes and Brinjals were brought by vegetable sellers in Boats .

Cabbage , Cauliflower, Ladyfinger , Spinach , Bitter Gourd ( Karela ), Capsicum and French Beans were unknown to kashmiris at that point of time.

Brinjals , Gourd , Sour apples ( Green ) and Turnips were sun dried and stored for consumption during harsh winters . Apart from Pulses and Lotus stem ( Nadru ) , Dried fish ( Hoggaad ) was also consumed during winters .

Flying Bird ( Shikaar ) was a specialty. So many shikaar sellers would move in the city selling Shikaar .

( Autar Mota )

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