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( Rishtay Naate )

Rishtay Naaton Ki Baat Mat Poochho ,

Eik Guchha tha chaabiyon ka jo ,

Maa Meri Saath Le ke chaltii  thi,

Kabhi Daaman se baandh jaati  thi,

Kabhi  Seene mein  Bhi Chhupati Thi,

Aur  inn chaabiyon ke Guchhe ne ,

Zakham seene pe  bhi diye uss ke ,

Damman e dil ko Taar taar kiya ,

Koyee mausam ho  Muskra kar ke   

 Uss ne Rishton  ko bus Bahaar kiya

Maa  !   

Hum-nay  Uss  Chaabiyon ke   Guchhe  kaa

Vo Jo Dhaaga  Piroyaa thaa Tum-Ne

Kaat Phenkaa hai ,Chaabiyaan kholeen,

Eik Do Chaabiyaan jo  kaam ki  Thii,

 Teri Photo ke Pass latkaa deen ,

Hum Se Yeh Bhi Nahin Sanbhalti  Hain,

In Ke khoney ka Gham Nahin Hum ko ,

Aaj Bazaar Mein Dukaanein hain

Jaisi Chaaho  Banaa Lo Chaabi  koyee,

Jis Se khultaa hai Har koyee  Taala .

( Autar Mota )

My english rendering would be as under ...

( Relations  And   kinsmen )

Ask me not about Relations and kinsmen ,

 Like  a bundle of keys ,

That My Mother would carry  along with her , 

Sometimes tying  to her hem ,

Sometimes  secretly placing   it in her Bosom,

Many  wounds did these keys pass on to  her,

 These keys ,

Tore  open her heart’s  edge  as well,

And she on her part ,

 With a smile on her face ,

 Kept Changing  every season to Spring only   ..

Mother  !  

We have removed the vital fastening cord

From that   bundle  of keys now ,

Separated the  keys  ,

A couple of useful keys,

Are  hung beside your photograph now ,

For us ,

Even these two or three keys are difficult  to  deal with  ,

No worry  ,

Even if these are also lost ,

 In   the Present day Market  ,

So many shops  sell  keys .

 Keys of  your choice,

Keys of  your  intent ,

That  are  capable to open any lock.

( Autar Mota )

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