Tuesday, August 29, 2017


"Result" is a Mini kashmiri poem that Stalwart kashmiri Poet  Dina Nath  Naadim  wrote in 1975...


Hey Kuss chhukh?
Kaeti chhukh Aamut?
Kaeti chhukh Zaamut ?
Kar Chhukh Aamut?

Kyaah chhukh? Kyaah chhukh?
Ba'ddi Ba'ddi Vun sa..
Kyaah insaana?
Kyaah insaana?
Naava vun
Zaata Buu't-raata,
No'nn kaanh Neaba,
Saaf nishaana..
Tyuthh kenh yuthh kaanh ne'ri savaala,
Kaanh Taqseema kaanh Tafreeqa,
Na'taah Gutchh fail tche chhukh imtihaanus

(Dina Nath Naadim )

My English rendering would be...


Who are you?
Where from have you come ?
What is your birth place?
When have you come this way?

What are you?
What are you?
Say it loudly.
What ?
A human being !
A human being !
Disclose your name,
Disclose your caste,
Your Birth place,
Say Some visible address !
Some clear identification !
Say some thing that
Gives birth to a Question,
Say something that creates Division,
Say something that creates some trouble,
Else move Away,
For having failed in your test
(Autar Mota)

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