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Tantrins of kashmir ( present day Tantrays ) were hilly Rajputs mostly employed in infantry by kashmirian kings . Tantrins were very powerful , brave and daring. On account of these qualities they were paid handsomely by kashmirian kings . Their presence in the Kingdom meant safety and security of the state . Tantrins were also conscious of their utility to the kingdoms which made them to indulge in court intrigues . Tantrins would punish some kings and favour others . Tantrin chiefs were also consulted by kashmirian kings on vital decisions of the state . Tantrins also took bribes and cash rewards from kashmirian kings and at times the kings would give them Hundis or commercial Instruments or duly signed promissory notes . In the event of Non payment of these Hundis on due dates, Tantrins would revolt and usurp the kingdom making the king run away in fear . Avantivarman and Sahi kings of Kashmir had a large number of Tantrins in their Infantry . I quote

“ In Pausa of the same year having failed to , through lack of funds , the sums due on the Hundis to the Tantrin , he fled in fear and tribulation ”

(Canto 302 Fifth Taranga Rajataringini of kalhana translated by R S Pandit page 211 )

“ with a view to confer imperial power on some worthy person , on one occasion , summoned for a consultation the ministers , the grandees , Tantrins .. ……. ”

(Canto 250 Fifth Taranga Rajataringini of kalhana translated by R S Pandit page 207 ) 

( Autar Mota )

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