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We know that bird feeding is an important aspect of kashmir's culture. In every kashmiri pandit household , the ladies still serve morning 's first preparation from the kitchen to birds .It is a pleasure to see these birds coming and flying away .You may be late in serving them but they come in strict punctuality .If the grains or food stuff is not there , they make noise and seek it .

In every Ziyarat in valley one comes across a space meant for feeding grains to pigeons .Men, women and children serve grains to pigeons . It used to be a great pleasure for us to feed pigeons at Ziyarat of Makhdoom Sahib on our morning visit to sharika Temple  Hari Parbat .These birds would get frightened once they saw a stranger . Once you were a familiar face , they would not fly away . I end the post with lines from a urdu poem  of  late Firaq Gorakhpuri ...

Mere Daar ul amaan Aey hareem e Nigaar
Hum Phirein Kyaa Yuun Hi Be Amaan Be Amaan .
Jee mein Aata hai tujh ko pukaara karuun
Rehguzar Rehguzar kaarwaan kaarwaan

 (Firaq )
( Text and photographs by Autar Mota ).... 
 sunday ..25th November 2012  Time 00.45 AM .. good night                                              
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