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 ZIYARAT OF AHMED  SAHIB  MACHAAMA                           

Shri Bhat Mission hospital in Jammu and Shri Bhat Kochaa ( Lane ) in Alamgiri Bazar , Zadibal Kashmir . That is how kashmiris still remember this great son of the soil. It is well known that Shri Bhat successfully  treated  the poisonous Boil on the body of  Sultan Zain Ul Abdin . So pleased was the king with this physician that he made him his minister  . What Shri Bhat did for kashmir and kashmiris is well known to every student of history. Since Zain Ul Abdin’s  capital was around  Hawal and  Vichar naag area only , shri Bhat also settled in a place presently known as Alamgiri Bazaar .People still call the lane which led to his house as Shri Bhat Kocha ( Shri Bhat lane ).

 I have visited this area many times during last four years (2009 to 2012 )  but i  could not locate where exactly Shri Bhat  lived . Certainly most people residing in this area know who Shri Bhat was . Incidentally I was also shown the Ziyarat of another great saint of Kashmir popularly known as Ahmed sahib Machama . Ahmed sahib Machama is credited with bringing the Sirhindi or Naqashbandhi  silsila of sufiism to Kashmir valley once he returned from Punjab .  He happened to be a direct disciple of sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi a tall sufi saint of Punjab . Later he also came to be known as Ahmed Sahib Sirhindi ( Machama ).Poet  Prakash Ram , Rehman Bhat, Waza Mehmood  and Wahab khaar had this great sufi Dervish as their  common Murshid either directly or indirectly. Ahmed sahib practiced the religion of humanity. His doors were open to people of all castes , creeds and religions . Enjoy some views of his Ziyarat and also two photograph of a living legend of this silsila  known as Subla sahib.I had the privilege of visiting some  Mehfils of  Sufiana singing organized in honour of Subla sahib who also happens to be directly related to Ahmed sahib Machama.In fact Ahmed Sahib Machama was the maternal uncle( Mama ) of the  mother of Subla Sahib…….

Dard ki Daulat e Bedaar Ataa Ho Saqi,

Hum Bahee Khwaah Sabhi ke hain Bhalaa ho Saqi.

Seena e shauq Me woh Zakhm Ki Lau De Uthey ,

Aur bhi Teiz Zamaane ki Hawaa Ho Saqi .

( Majaz Lakhanavi )

 Grant me the lively wealth of Pain O Saqi !

Grant it , If that is what you give to the well wishers of one and all.

The painful wound within my chest can set ablaze everything,

Doesn’t  matter if the winds of the world turn more ferocious.

( Text and photographs by Autar Mota )
 Saturday ,10th November 2012... Time 11.25 PM ...good night 

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