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Kangri ( (Fire pot used by Kashmiris to keep their bodies warm during winter ) is a part of kashmiri Psyche .It also continues to be so with people who are currently living far away from their motherland. I have seen kangri and Isbandh used in Bangalore, Gangtok and Delhi by kashmiris .Who does not burn the fragmented seeds called ISBANDH ( Rue seeds  ) in a kangri to welcome friends , guests and relatives to marriages or other auspicious functions . Some elders say that burning ISBANDH in a kangri wards off evil during festivities . Ladies bring out some seeds or ISBANDH from a decorated pouch , touch them to the forehead of the guest and put these seeds into the burning charcoal of the kangri to welcome the guests and wish similar happy functions in their families . The common dialogue heard at this time is

“ Poshtaa chhuyee “

“ Best Wishes for the function “

“ Vaarkaar Yetchunn Tchetie .Tchetie Laeginayee Kaaruss taar “

“ let God make it happen in your family as well. Let your affairs also get resolved"

Aey Aaab roodh e gangaa woh din hai yaad tujh ko 
Utaraa  tere  kinaare  jab  kaarwaan  hamaara 

 (  Text and photo by Autar Mota )  
sunday 18th November 2012 .. Time 11.40 PM .. Good Night                                             

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