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A friend has asked me as to what is meant by GONGAL and KRAAV in kashmiri. I shall clarify both the words but I need to add that both the words are not in vogue at present . The prime reason being the income earning patterns which have undergone radical change both in rural and urban kashmir. We do not have a totally Agriculture based economy now . Even people from the rural areas seek jobs primarily for a living now. Let us go back to late 14th centaury Kashmir or the period of Nund Reshi . Since the economy of Kashmir was totally agriculture based , the peasants would celebrate two farming festival something similar to Baisaakhi and Lohri of Punjab . One festival was celebrated in spring while the other was celebrated in Autumn. The farmers would prepare TEHURR or rice laced with turmeric , spices and salt . This would be distributed in the village . Bidding goodbye to winter with GONGAL festival, the farming activities of the year would ordinarily start in spring .

KRAAV on the other hand was also a similar festival but celebrated in Autumn . It was just a thanks giving festival to mother earth after the grain was garnered . One festival complimented the other .Every farmer had to celebrate GONGAL and KRAAV as a satisfactory culmination of an effort . A good harvest and grains for the family was all that was Prayed or desired in spring and obviously thanks-giving to almighty in Autumn could not be ignored . These celebrations were thus efforts that could also be compared with spirituality . Hence sow good ( GONGAL ) and reap good ( KRAAV ) I quote a SHRUKH of Nund Reshi (1373AD – 1438AD) to let every one know the correct meaning of these words .

Aadamaa gaafilo Tsein Paanuss Tai
Vovmutt Tatiey Haa Lonukh Haav.
Toalnai Paap tai Punei Meezaanuss tai
Yuss kari Gaangal Sui kari Kraav.
( Nund Reshi )

O You Ignorant man !Realize thyself .
You shall only reap what you have sown.
Your good deeds and sins shall be weighed in scales ,
One who celebrates the GONGAL is bound to enjoy KRAAV.
( Autar Mota )

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