Saturday, November 3, 2012


( My special  Thanks to Dr kavita  suri  Ex Bureau chief  Statesman  for this photograph .)

Kamlavati  moves silently. After her migration from Kashmir valley  , she has been   feeling lonely in her  Struggle with memories. She is still unable to adjust in the changed environs of Jammu .  How can she  forget what has been unforgettable for her?  …. Her childhood , parents , village,  Birds , fruits and seasons The snow clad mountain peaks . Murmuring brooks. The tall shady chinars . The spring breeze . The iris and Narcissus flowers .  . Her marriage and the Vanvun.
Here at Jammu she has  nothing to fall back upon. Scattered relations . No  childhood   friends or  neighbours . Can she meet all these people   once more ? She is Not  sure. …. 

Kashmiri Poet Ghulam Nabi Firaq too feels similarly.

Dalvunn  Vukh  chum  athhaa  moornaavaan
Galvunn  sheen  shitharaavaan  chhuss…
Tchalvein  veithhee  chhuss punn  gund  traavaan
Yi naa Maashee  Teiee  mashraavaan  chhuss ……………….

Yuthh Jigruss chhuss  zeiataa aapraavaan
Yi naa Maashee  Teiee  mashraavaan  chhuss….
Kannei  khonmutt deiakaa  saaeit  nahnaavaan
Yi naa Maashee  Tiee  mashraavaan  chhuss…
( Prof. Ghulam Nabi Firaq )

This  time  shift  brings flooding regrets for me
While I seek to  freeze  the ice  that is melting  with changing season  .
O Hurrying Vitasta ! I try to hold thee as well  with a thin string knot
 While I struggle  to forget all that is unforgettable for me.

( Text by Autar Mota )
Saturday, 3rd  November 2012 .. Time 11.05 PM  Good Night 

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