Sunday, November 4, 2012


  I have uploaded some spring views of kashmir . The tulips are from Tulip Garden located near Chahme Shahi Foot Hills . The man spraying pesticides is a view of Baramulla highway. The smoke view is from Wuyan Cement factory at Khrew. A view of Nigeen lake from Badam Vari has also been uploaded. The house in the Jungle is VASTAR VAN area of khrew where MAZAR of Kashmir"s sufi poet WAHAB KHAR is located . The Mustard flowers  view is from Mattan area .

Swami Vivekananda visited kashmir twice. In one of his letters dated 1st october 1897 ,swami ji wrote to his Irish disciple sister Nivedita :-

" I shall not describe kashmir to you. Suffice it to say , i never felt sorry to leave any country except this paradise on earth . "

I end with a brief  urdu poem JHALAK  composed by   Ali sardar Jafri  . The poem is about sudden memory flash of the beautiful land of birth to a person living far away .

"Sirf Lehra Ke Rah Gaya Aanchal

Rang ban ke bikhar gaya koyee .

Gardishe Khoon Ragon Mein Teiz Hui

Dil Ko Chhu-kar guzar Gaya Koyee.

Phul Se Khil Gaye Tasssavur mein

Daamne Shoak Bhar Gaya Koyee "

(Ali sardar Jafri)

( Text and Photo By Autar Mota )

Sunday, 4th November 2012... Time 2.20 PM ... Good Afternoon
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