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Maikash Kashmiri  comes to my mind today after I saw  a beautiful video showing Seema Anil Sehgal singing a poem of the late poet written  in praise of River Tawi. The poem begins with these lines::

Hai taareekh gau inn ki  sadiyon purani
musalam hai inn ki magar hukmraani
Tawi ke kinaron ke yeh gol pather
 sunaate hain dilchasp si  Ikk kahaani ..

I also heard some more Gazals of Maikash sung by Seema Anil Sehgal for her music album "Yadon ke Chinar ". I mean Gazals like:
"Charag e raah agar bujh gaya to kya Gham hai
Charag e dil to farozaan hai roshini ke liye "
Vo kahaan hai kis jagah ruposh hai
Kis se  poochhe har koyi khaamosh hai

(3) Meray liye  ye subah kya
Mere liye ye shaam kya

Pandit  Kailash Nath Kaul was known as Maikash Kashmiri.

Who was Maikash ?

Born  at Haft Chinar in Srinagar, Maikash was the son of Pandit Jeevan Nath Kaul the then director Sericulture,  J&K. Pandit Jeevan Nath Kaul had completed his degree in sericulture from France in 1940s whereafter he returned to serve his state.
 Pandit Kailash Nath Kaul did   his  schooling and graduation from Jammu .Later he completed MA English from Punjab university ,Lahore. Maikash spent his life in Jammu  living in  his ancestral family house at Mohalla Mastgarh. The family still owns the house . Having spent his life in Jammu, his love for the city and  its culture is evident in some poems composed by him.

( A photo of Maikash Kashmiri. Thanks to Maikash Kashmiri Society ,Jammu for this photo )

He  loved to converse in Urdu  though he could speak Hindi ,Kashmiri and Punjabi fluently. His love for Kashmir,  his native land was intense . He was  associated with Rajinder Singh Bedi in setting up  of Radio Kashmir Jammu. He served AIR for 34 years and after retirement  he taught English at Dewan Badri Nath Vidya Mandir Jammu. His students remember him with respect and affection . So do many  friends from his literary circle remember him for his principles, simplicity and poetic acumen. He was a direct disciple of Pandit Labhu Ram Josh Malsiyani .

 ( A popular poem' Jang Aur  Aman' by Maikash Kashmiri)

His  Urdu poetic collections are  “Baal-e-Huma(1998),  ‘Baal-e-Anqa(1999) “Shahpar-e-Taus( 2005)" and  “Navaa I saaz e Jaan (2006)" . He died in  Mumbai on January 19, 2006.

 Sri Amin  Banjara has done some exceptional work by creating a society to remember Maikash and popularize his work.

(Avtar Mota)

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