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THE TARGET LIES BEYOND  THE SUN AND THE MOON...,(Kabir's Nirguna Bhajan "Gagan Ki Aut Nissana Hai)

About  Kabir's Nirguna Bhajans sung by Kumar Gandharva ,Professor Linda Hess of the Department of Religious Studies at Stanford University writes this :

"  It stirs inside me, and a hard crust that is like a body within my body begins to come apart. It just comes apart and dissolves. What is underneath it is so pure and shining and open, it can receive that beautiful sound with no resistance. What was closed is open. The sound moves freely in my body, the beautiful body that shines forth when the crust dissolves. I can’t believe that this gift is being given to me. When it’s over I can’t talk. They ask me to come to lunch but when I put my hand on the food, I can’t eat. I go into the other room and cry till it seems to be enough. I’m full of gratitude and amazement. It seems to me that for the first time I understand what they mean here when they say “The guru’s grace”. This gift comes into you and changes you. It is completely unexpected."

Let me  say some thing about "Gagan Ki Aut Nissana Hai" a beautiful Nirguna Bhajan of Kabir.

"Gagan Ki Aut  Nisana Hai Bhai
Dahine Sur Chandrama Baanhe,
Tin Ke Beech Chhipaana Hai
Tan Ki Kamaan Surat Ka Raunda,
Shabad Baan Le Taana Hai
Maarat Baan Bidha Tan Hi Tan,
 Satguru Ka Parwana Hai
Maaryo Baan Ghav Nahin Tan Me,
Jin Laaga Tin Jaana Hai
Kahe Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho,
Jin Jaana Tin Maana Hai ...."

My Interpretation...

"The target that I aim
lies hidden beyond the sky.
To the right lies the sun
To the left the moon,
 In between these two
it has to be concealed somewhere
Let this body be my bow,
Let my visualisation be the string roll,
Let the Anhada Shabd ( unstruck sound ) be my arrow,
Let me be erect and ready to aim,
Here  goes the  arrow
Leaving the body apparatus behind
Like the messanger of the true yogic master,
When such an arrow hits
there is no injury no wound either.
Those who are struck
can only experience as to what it really is.
Says Kabir,
Listen O seeker
to know this phenomenon
experience it.."

Some people say it is the experience of final Samadhi detailed in Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras. I have found this thought  in Isha Upnishad also .I quote:

“The face of the  truth is hidden by thy golden orb of the  sun. Remove it in order to know" who am I"  so that those devoted to the  truth may behold its glory.The sun illumines us and shows us what we assume to be reality. But actually that “seeing” veils the Truth (Reality) behind that veil. Therefore we seek to pierce beyond it. "

Good day ..

(Avtar Mota)

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