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Dr. Soma Ghosh, Padma Shri, an exceptional exponent of Hindustani classical music ( vocal) is the
adopted daughter of Ustad Bismillah Khan.
A literature graduate from Benaras Hindu University, Soma Ghosh mastered in Music and completed her PhD in Chhota Khayal. She is known for Benarasi singing , namely Thumri, Tappa, Hori, Chaiti, Kajari, Dadra and Ghazal.
She is the founder of the NGO, Madhu Murchhana. Established in 1999, Madhu Murchhana is a platform to promote unknown musicians of the country.
About Soma Ghosh , Ustaad Bismillah Khan said:
" When I saw her singing ,I was overjoyed.I said to every person that this girl sings my language, my Shehnai. She has to be my daughter.So she is my daughter. I took this daughter for a jugalbandhi to Rashtrpati Bhawan where we sang together to the delight of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam'. She sings Kajri of my Benaras the way it should be sung. "
About Soma Ghosh,composer Naushad Ali has said:
"When I heard her for the first time , I said to Khan Sahib ( Bismillah Khan) ,'Where from have rains come in a land parched and thirsty for water since years.' She sings Kajri, Thumri and Dadra the way it should be sung. My blessings to Soma Ghosh." 
And Dr Soma Ghosh informs:
" My mother ,Archana Chakravarti was a singer from Senia Gharana. She was my first Guru. My father was a freedom fighter. He gave everything to the nation . My grandfather was a professor of Sanskrit and Pali at BHU .I was born and brought up in Benaras in a cultured and educated family. My grandfather was a close friend of Madan Mohan Malviya .
My Gurus were Bageshwari Devi and Shri Narayan Chakravarti. Bageshwari Devi lived in a temple. She was a devotee of Sri Rama. In fact my father , Baba Bismillah Khan loved Bageshwari Devi's singing. Baba heard me singing in a concert and told me that he would like me to join a Jugalbandhi programme in Rashtrpati Bhawan. Naushad Sahib was there. I was nervous. Baba put confidence in me by saying " Sur is nobody's possession. Don't ever think that you are singing with Bharat Ratna Bismillah khan' . Great people. Great affection." 
( Avtar Mota)

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