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 All the three paintings belong to Guler , Kangra school and have been done by the progeny of Pandit Sieu (Shiv) Raina . These have been done during the 18th century.These paintings have been done to illustrate Vaishnavcharya Jayadev Goswami's ( popularly known as Jayadeva ) poetic work Geet Govind composed sometime in the 12th century . Geet Govind is the story of the supreme lover who is also the original source of Gyana . It is the story of the upholder of justice known to us as Sri Krishna.
Geet Govind ' is a collection of musical Slokas dedicated to Sri Krishna ( Govinda ) and Radha .This romantic lyrical drama represents the tradition of Vasanta Utsava. 
If one reads the translation of Geet Govind , one gets to know a different philosophy of universal love and compassion , somewhat different from what is generally understood by looking at Geet Govind illustrations in paintings .
Geet Govind is very popular in Odisha and Bengal. Perhaps, Indian classical dance is incomplete without Geet Govind. Many choreographers and composers of Kathak, Bharatnayatam, Odisi, Mohininayatam, Kathakali and Manipuri have composed various classical dances based on Geet Govind .
And poet SahirLudhianavi was an admirer of Geet Govind. An English translation of Geet Govind was retrieved ( after Sahir's death ) from a Kabadi's (scrap dealer) shop that had bought his old books and papers after a builder purchased Sahir's bungalow  and some new tenants moved in . Influence of Geet Govind is reflected in some songs of Sahir especially the songs that he wrote for Hindi Movie Chitralekha.
I have added lines from verses of Sahir to two of the three uploaded Paintings. ' Maiya mori me Nahin Maakhan Khaayo ' has been written by Surdas .
Now something about the uploaded paintings .....
( 1)
In this painting, child Sri Krishna is shown stealing butter milk . We are sure that he is going to deny having stolen it. To his mother, he is going to say :
“ Maiya mori me nahin maakhan khaayo
Bhor bhayo gaiyyan ke paachhe
Tune madhuban mohi pathaayo
Chaar prahar, bansi bat bhatyo
Saanjh pade me ghar aayo
Me kab maakhan Khaayo ?“
(2) In this painting Sri Krishna , Radha and Gopis are shown on the banks of river Yamuna. Radha is silent . Probably she is humming and silently conveying to her Sakhi what she is thinking about Sri Krishna at the moment . She could be thinking something like this :
“ Aaj Sakhi pee daaloongi me
Darshan jal ki boondh boondh
Me to apne rasik ko nainon mein
Rakh loongi palkein moondh moondh
Aey ri jaane na doongi “
(3) In this painting Radha is speaking to her Sakhi ( female friend ). Radha is conveying to her something about Sri Krishna . I believe she says :
“ Sakhi ri mora mun uljhe tan dole
Ab chain mile tab hi jab un se Milan ho le
Sakhi ri mora mun uljhe tan dole “
( Avtar Mota )

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