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I don’t remember where from it has come to me . Found it in my stock. A photograph of the tent house bill paid by Allama Iqbal . The bill is drawn in the name of Dr Sir Mohammad Iqbal , Mcleod Road Lahore . It relates to charges for two Shamiyans pitched for two months @ Rs5/- per Shamiyana per month . The bill also includes pitching charges and cartage charged as one rupee and eight annas each . The grand total works out to be twenty three rupees . A discount of three rupees has been allowed to Dr Iqbal and the bill has been settled finally at Rs20/- on 20/03/1935 by Dr Iqbal. The authorized agent of the firm namely Nizamud Din and sons has signed the bill in token of having received the payment on 20/03/ 1935 .

I have checked from Google about the firm . It says “The first tent factory by H. Nizam Din & Sons was established in 1869 in Lahore. Its had reputation for fine workmanship, good quality products and reasonable prices.......” .

when i put up a post on facebook, my friend Ayaz rasool nazki wrote as uner :
" I have read about it but don't recall the details.  I have requested  Munib Iqbal saheb to please throw some light on this. Munib saheb is the grandson of Allama Iqbal saheb and very well versed with information on Allama Saheb."

And to my surprise, Munib Iqbal Sahib promptly replied on the same thread of my Facebook post as under :

" I originally posted this receipt a few years ago.  I found it in a large collection of documents and receipts of Allama Sahib  i have in my possession. It was probably the wedding of some Sialkoti relative. Allama Sahib's  house was usually swarmed with families of his brother and sisters. My grandmother raised some nieces of Allama Sahib and later married them off. This is probably one of those occasions. However, I will try to check again."

My sincere thanks to Munib Iqbal Sahib and Ayaz Rasool Nazki Sahib.

( Avtar Mota )

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