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         ( Jagjit Singh sings 'Jai Madhav Madan Murari')               

The original lyrics of Sri Krishna Krishna Bhajan.:Jai Madhav Madan Murari"

Jai madhav madan murari
jai keshav kalimal haari

sundar kundal nayan vishala
gale sohe vaijanti maala
              yaa chhavi kii balihaari
.............,.....jai madhav madan murari

 kabahu loot loot dadhi khaayo
kabahu madhuban raas rachaayo
          naachat vipin bihari
.................jai madhav madan murari

karuna kar draupadi pukaari
 patt main lipat gaye banavaari
          nirakh rahe nar nari
...............jai madhav madan murari

My English translation of this Sri Krishna Bhajan is as under:

Victory to you,
O Madhava ,O Madana, O Murari..
Victory to you Lord.
You who's face is dusky
with long hair.


With ornaments in your ears,
impressive are your eyes,
Adorning the cute Vaijantimala around the neck;
Who will not die to see this look of yours ?


Sometime you ate curd stealing it,
Sometime  you played Raas in Madhuban,
And , O Bipin Bihari,
What a celestial dancer you are ?


"Where are you, O Lord,  with compassionate hands ?"
So cried Draupadi.
And look how Banwaari
wrapped himself in her Sari;
While men and women kept watching in awe.

Victory to you,
O  Madhava ,O Madana, O Murari..

(Avtar Mota)

Madhava ,Madana, Murari, Banwaari are other names of Sri Krishna.
Vaijantimala is the garland made of five types of forest flowers or five jewels . It also means the garland-of-victory. It symbolizes the five spheres of the senses, the display of manifestation which surrounds the Supreme Being. Vaijanti plant found only in forests of Braj near Mathura  or the land of Sri Krishna yields special white bead like seeds   believed to be a favorite of Sri Krishna. These like tear drops.

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