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GANDHI JI … Oil On Canvas 

By D Raja Segar from Sri lanka

                                                        ( D Raja segar... The Artist )
D Raja Segar ( Born 1951 ) is a respected and well known painter cum sculptor from Sri lanka .He is a master of Abstract and Figurative Art. Cubism is primarily evident in his work and accordingly many Art critics have called his work as “ Figurative Cubism “ . He also uses a technique with colours known as “ Refractive Effect of light “. His medium is Oil and Water colour . One can also see realism, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism in his work.Geometry is also abundantly evident in his Art. He draws lesser curves but more Straight lines , Intersecting lines , triangles and other geometrical shapes .
                                                ( Christ on cross by segar )
                                                 ( Ganesha  By Segar )
                                             ( Gopi Krishna By Segar )
                                                ( Horses a collage by Segar )
                                       ( In search of water by segar )
                                       ( last super by segar )
                                            ( Lonely Woman By Segar )
                             ( Mother Teresa by Segar )
  ( Mother and twins by Segar )
                    ( Music teacher by segar )
                             ( Neelambari By segar )
                  ( Rhythm of Dance  by Segar )
   ( Two tigers  By Segar )
                   ( Buddha by segar )
 ( Tree plucker  By Segar )

                            ( Stock market By Segar )

                                              ( Two Horses and women by segar )

                                           ( Prince Siddhartha by segar )
Segar’s work is easily identifiable due to the boldness of colours, fascinating combination of shapes and the complete liveliness that demands attention. You can not walk past his painting . You need to stop , look and keep thinking.

He paints Asian Women , Stories from Religion and ordinary activities of human beings mostly women . In his paintings , you find bright colours . He makes abundant use of blistering red , eye-catching blue , elegant green , pulsating orange and the luminous yellow.

Almost a self taught Artist , Initially , Segar entered the world of Art by designing Greeting cards . In sculpture he works in steel.

Segar has exhibited in many cities of Europe , USA and Australia . Apart from that he happens to be a regular visitor to India . So many admirers and well wishers , So many Buyers of his art and So many Galleries world over display his work . All this makes D. Raja Segar almost a living legend.
Brought up in poverty ,Raja Segar had to start earning at a young age . He worked as an Accounts Assistant in a Soft Drink Manufacturing company immediately after his High school examination. 
To know him and his work , I would suggest readers to go through his coffee Table Book :

“ SEGAR, Autobiography with Painting…” D Raja Segar (ISBN 978-955-44697-0-9)..

Segar was born to Hindu parents in Colombo (Sri Lanka ) who became catholic Christians later . For some time , this was a common practice in Sri Lanka with families that wanted to get admission in Good Christian schools . Segar grew up in a family that had open and liberal outlook . He remains an Atheist .
To Segar , Life had many troubles to offer . Poverty in childhood , A failed love , An attempt to commit suicide and death of his young wife Vejeyashanthinie who fell victim to Cancer .
Like Salvador Dali , He lives in a unique and specially designed house .Keeps painting and exhibiting his work which is sought after by many Buyers world over .
He is fluent in English, German, Sinhalese,and Tamil. Apart from painting , he Keeps reading literature and listening to music .Photography also remains his hobby.
As far as other contemporary Asian artists are concerned ,Segar is impressed by the works of Ganesh Pyne of India and Vincent Manansala of Philippines. He has also done some work in Pop art and Neo Surrealism.
In his Country , his work is being reproduced in T-shirts, Greeting cards, Bed sheets and Tablecloths that makes him Popular in entire length and breadth if Sri lanka .
So Long so much …..
( Autar Mota )


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