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GANGA at VARANASI remains a great attraction for me. More now as some of its famous Ghats are cleaner and free from Thugs . The sunrise in particular has a mystical charm over here . This charm attracted Conard Rooks who captured some out of this world shots for his Movie SIDDHARTHA. Kudos to his Swedish Camera man Sven Vilhem Nykvist for these shots .

The sunrise of varanasi makes you to sing the beautiful film song” JYOTI KALASH CHHALKE “ written by Pandit Narendra Sharma and set to music by Sudhir Phadke . Lata ji sang this melodious song for 1961 movie Bhabi ki Choorriyaan .The song was picturized on Meena Kumari . Through this song , Meena ji presents the early morning time activities of an ideal Indian house wife as the sun god gradually brings life once more to this world . Cleaning , Pooja , Watering Tulsi plant , laying the Rangoli and then cooking for the family etc. A playful child also joins her in this work.The moment Meena ji opens the doors and windows of her house , Light floods in.What a Great Picturization?Kudos to Cinematographer Arvind Laad for the Great camera work.

Isn't the sun like a Pitcher that is full of light and wherefrom  this light overflows in all directions to spread happiness and visibility ?
Paat Paat Birvaa Hariyaala 
Dharti Ka Mukh Huva Ujaala 
Sach sapne kal ke 
Usha ne Aanchal Phailaaya 
Phaili Sukh Ki Sheetal Chhaaya 
Neeche aanchal ke 
………………………………..Jyoti Kalash Chhalke
My simple English rendering would be...

" Every leaf and branch turns Green
And Joyfully bright  turns the face of Mother earth. 
Those dreams of tommorow are a reality now..

The first light has spread its sheet of vastness all over , 
Along with it
spreads a cool shade of contentment 
Just below this  expanse ..
……………………………………………The pitcher of celestial light overflows."

(Avtar Mota )

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