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Impasto oil on Board.


(The Buddhist influence is clearly visible when you see the Pagoda style architecture of the temple at its top. This is resembling with the top architecture of Shrines and Ziyaarats of saints in Kashmir .)

Dil Bahadur Chitrkaar ( Born 1929 ) is a leading painter from Nepal. Dil Bahadur belongs to eminent Chtrakaar family of Nepal . This family has been associated with Ranas or the ruling family of Nepal for many centuries . His father jagat Bahadur Chitrakaar and his uncle Tej bahadur Chitrkaar have been eminent painters of Nepal .Dil Bahadur has been influenced by Modern European Art after he visited many Countries to see and study works of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and many others. Finally he decided to paint Landscapes , Life and Culture of his own Land in a different style absorbing due influences from west. Initially Dil Bahadur learnt Art from his uncle Tej Bahadur Chitrkaar .
He uses  oils , Water colours , pastel, Charcoal and Crayon for his work.
This Chitrakaar family hails from Lalitpur in Nepal . Amar Chitrkaar ,Jang Bahadur Chitrkaar , Bhaju Macha Chitrkaar , Vishnudas Chitrkaar , kazi Krishna lal Chitrkaar , Dirghaman Chitrkaar Raj Mansingh Chtrkaar and Shivadas Chitrkaar were Other well known painters from this Clan from lalaitpur. Chitrakars practice both Buddhism and Hinduism with an emphasis on Tantrism.

Most of the Portraits ,Religious paintings , Thangkas , Temple images in Nepal that adorn the Walls of palaces and some prominent Temples have been done by painters from this Chtrakaar clan. Chitrakaars also paint paubhas used in prayer rooms , murals ,Ritual and Dancing masks and ceramics.

I have personally observed that almost all the paintings of Dil Bahadur have Native form and theme but the Modern European touch is undoubtedly visible . His colours are warm with expressly ochre and brownish hues. In his work , you can see traces of Impressionism and Expressionism . He is a master of semi Abstract figurative work and apparent Realism . Apart from being on display in some Art galleries of kathmandu , his work is also on display in Art galleries of India , Korea, Italy ,Switzerland , France , Germany , Australia , UK , USA and Japan . His paintings are also with some private Individuals in Europe and Art collectors in India .
                                      ( HERITAGE BY D B CHITRAKAAR )

                                               ( HOLY MAN BY D B CHITRAKAAR )
                                                 ( LOST HERITAGE 1 BY D B CHITRAKAAR )

                                                                        ( SMOKING BY D B  CHITRAKAAR )

                                                       ( HUNTING BY D B CHITRAKAAR )
A UNESCO grant enabled him to live and work in Europe for some time .

In the art history of Nepal , Dil Bahadur Chitrakaar remains as one of the most versatile artist with a unique understanding of Traditions and culture of his Land .
“I will never stop creating art because this is the responsibility God has given me. And duty is God.” – 
Dil Bahadur Chitrakaar.
So Long so much …
( Autar Mota )

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