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Since last two decades , Government's style and method of spending on Health , Education and Housing has resulted in mushroom growth of greedy private sector in these key segments.The driving force for this private sector is only money and their mission is to earn more and more every day.

In private hospitals doctors are given Targets for surgeries ,Tests and other activities that are likely to increase earnings for the Hospital.In Mumbai , I came to know that a hospital disconnected AC facility in the room of a senior ENT surgeon who was not recommending surgeries in all cases.Another hospital dispensed with the services of a senior consultant who was not prescribing tests to every patient. All private hospitals are outside the reach of a common man now..Medical ethics and social commitment has no meaning in these shops.Consultants are made to move in field in the garb of free check ups to bring newer patients.  In one hospital ,  A very small Benign Sebaceous cyst of 4mm diameter was surgically removed  at an astronomical  cost of  Rs30000/ ( Thirty thousands  ) in a private hospital . It  was made to look like a major surgical intervention.Patient made to stay overnight.

 I quote a news irem Published in TOI Mumbai Edition dated 23rd May 2016.
Quote ..
“ A doctor working in one of New Delhi's leading corporate hospitals said, “I was shocked to see that patients suffering from sore throat were admitted in the ICU. On my first day , I was directed to not tell the patients clearly what they were suffering from. We were told to prescribe as many investigations as possible, since that is where the maximum revenue is generated.“
The shocking revelation was made by a doctor, on condition of anonymity , in a recent online poll. Over 86% of 2,570 doctors, who participated in the survey from across the country , including Maharashtra, said corporate hospitals are “encouraging unethical practices“. Most were concerned about the revenuemaking exercises and the culture of targets and deadlines in the corporate hospitals. The poll comes on the heels of similar disclosures made by 78 practising doctors from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune that was recently complied into a book by health activist Dr Abhay Shukla and Dr Arun Gadre.”  Unquote


So many stand cheated  in the name of Housing by unscrupulous   Builders across the country . You just can not trust their attractive advertisements in newspapers any more .If you get  possession of a Flat or House that you had book through a Builder, think yourself Lucky . Forget the  recurring demands   and repeated cost escalations that the builder makes over and above the advertised price . The way Land Mafia and builders operate and inflate housing price in our country, 80 % of the population can not dream of buying a shelter in cities leave alone Metros.


The coaching centres, private schools, private colleges ,Private professional colleges and Crash course centres are just commodity selling centres driven by money market. you have agents of professional colleges staying in Hotels for months who arrange admissions of even such students as have failed in Common Entrance Tests.you have agents, Brokers and middlemen who arrange admission in Medical colleges of Bangla Desh , Russia and other countries without any CET.


Government can not wash it's hands off from its pivotal responsibility to administer and manage these sectors so that common man is benefited and not penalized.

Fine , Don't Nationalize these key sectors but tell us how are you going to enforce discipline and order in these sectors .

Health, Housing and Education left in private sector is now proving beyond the reach of country's middle class ....

(Autar Mota)

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