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( Photo clicked by Sandeep Mota )

 Here is the poem..

(Me Ti Maa Chhunaa Vaenn Athhaa Daarun )

Ba’rra  tal  Aav Saniyassya Vaenn Vaenn
Alakh Niranajan kra’kh Laayaan..
Kho’rr Thikrovun
Assi Ko’dd  Athha Fo’ll
Tomullla  Teela
Aas Tchetuss Zunn Tamie  Vizi Kyaa taam
Nazraa karnuss
Pokk  Paanus …

Pataa Aayi Gaava
Gobb Gobb Paana
Haerri Kijj Hisha Aasuss Zang’a Tchoshavaai ,
Dulnaavaan Lithhanaavaan Paanus
Baasaan Ouss zunn
Vienn Peyi Vienn Peyi
Bat’ah  Teera Tchochi Joraah Traaveiss
Lobb Kunn Thhaaveiss
Mushkaa hetchunuss
Paetch Paanuss..

Pataa Pokk hoona
Laett Gilnaavaan
Pataa Bronh Paanus Nazaraa Traavan
Khorra Panjj’a  Saetienn
Dulnovun Khyaenn
Mushkaa haetchnuss
Laett Gilnaavaan
Pokk Paanuss..

Tcherri Kaavuv Tueijj  Vuff  Aessi Baraa Pyeith
Bo’nn Vaeithh
Basaan ouss Buss Vaenn Buss Vaenn
Din Thhuff Anna Daanun
Tchoechi Tukran Nienn
Pananiss aaliss
Huthh Teintaalis
Kattie sa katti Khyokh
 Vuff  Traavikh  Khaetti  Beyi Aakaashus

Saniyasiss  ya  Gaavie Ta Hoonis
Tcharrie   Kaawan Kyaa Guvv Tcheil Faakaai
Yim  Kya Tchhaaraan
Yim Kathh Laaraan
Maetti Kehn vaenituvv
Aathh Kathhie Saenituv

Me Ti Maa Chhuna Vaenn Athha Daarun…

( Autar Mota )


A hermit stamped his foot at  the door and shouted:
“  Alakh Niranjan …..All is One”
 He stopped for a moment ,
 I collected my offerings ,
Rice , Edible  oil etc,
Recollecting  some  happening,
He gave a look
walked on.

Then came  a  bulky  Cow  ,
In discomfort ,
Dragging  herself on   four thin  legs ,

It looked  ,
as if,
she would fall down the very  next moment .
I kept 
A  lump of cooked rice
two breads
at a safe place.
She smelled,
Left them untouched  and moved  on.

 Thereafter  came a dog,
 waging its tail,
looking  all around
 Pushed this foodstuff with its toes ,
Smelled it ,
Waging its tail ,
Left it untouched
And moved ahead.

Then  the sparrows and the  crows flew over the door
 Gliding  down,
It looked ,as if ,
They shall soon grab and snatch
The  cooked  Rice and breads crumbs ,
 Carry  it  to  their nest
  To the tree Top .

 They did not .
 And Flew away  ,
Soaring  higher and higher into the sky...........

What happened to
the hermit,
the  cow,
the  dog,
 the sparrows
 The crows  ?

Why did they leave hungry ?
What were  they searching for?
What are they after?
 Would you please Make all this  clear  to me?
 Would you please Dive into the complexity?                                                          
 Tell me  ,
 Shouldn’t   I   accept  Alms now  ?
( Translated to English by Prof Arvind Gigoo )

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