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( In the above photograph ..Majaz standing second from left and Josh sitting in centre)

Majaz Lakhnavi(1911-1955) died in the month of December .A cold wintry night  dragged him towards his heavenly abode.

In the above photograph ..  From right to left.. Sardar  Balwant Singh, Jagan Nath Azad and Sahir Ludhanavi .sitting on chairs right to left Bismil Saidi, Josh, Jaan nisar Akhtar, Devendra satyarthhi and MAJAZ ..sitting on ground is Arsh Malsiyaani ..sometime in early fifties of last century inside office of Urdu Magazine AajKal New Delhi..jaan nisar Akhtar is explaining something to Jagan nath Azad. Josh is in serious discussion with Devendra satyarthhi and Majaz .Arsh Malsiyaani is seeking attention while Sahir , Balwant Singh and Bismil Saidi are keenly listening .)

Poet Josh Malihabaadi was shocked to receive this tragic news. He wrote,

" Majaz, You are no longer in our company now . I don’t know towards which habitation you sped away .I can’t see you any more .I can’t see your dear face any more.
I had thought that you shall brighten the light of the lamp that I had lit by offering more oil to it . I had thought that when you are there , a thousand more lamps shall burn and give light in all direction from the small lamp that I had lit. Alas ! Majaz, You extinguished your own lamp. Now never and never shall the lamp of my hope kindle.
Death runs after all of us . It has to reach us . But I feel envious of you when I think as to how fast it reached you. And this pains me as well.
Since long I have been complaining that this silly death visits everyone except me. Why the hell has it been kind to Majaz?
True ,this world of wolves is not a suitable place for a poet to live happily. Keeping that in view, I congratulate you Majaz that you left this world in your prime youth .But your death has left a deep wound within my heart that shall keep bleeding till I am alive .
Deserted lies the township of this heart.It may not come back to its previous positions now.Drenched lies the night for me. Even if the stars are shining, I have packed my bedings and the traveller appears to be ready.Worry not Majaz. Josh is joining you. Joining you very shortly. Worry not Majaz".

I end this tribute by Josh with lines from two Gazals of Majaz that he had written just before his death..


Dard ki daulat e Bedaar Ataa ho Saqi.
Hum Bahi-khwaah sabhi ke hain bhalaa ho Saqi.
Seena e shauq mein voh zakham ke lau dhe uthay,
Aur bhi teiz zamaane ki havaa ho Saqi


Dil e khoon gashtaa e jafaa pe kahin
Ab karam bhi giraan na ho jaaye...
Teray beemaar ka khudaa haafiz
Nazar e charaagaraan na ho jaaye..

(Autar Mota)

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