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Mural painting at the entrance of Temple of Adi Shankara ( Adi Shancharachaya ) at Sringeri Mutt, Kalady…


“ The way clouds , created by the heat of the sun , spread and hide the creator or the radiant sun ; Human Mind too gets engulfed by the darkness of the ego that spreads after emanating from the mind ..”


" O Traveler ! you are welcome at the door of the palace called Yoga . Have you learnt to practice silence ? Have you stopped collecting Wealth ? Have you abandoned your desires to possess material goods ?Have you practiced detachment? If yes , then enter ."


"The one who is free from caste , dogma, clan and Gotra ; The one who is free from Name , Form, Attributes and Imperfection ; the one who does not belong to a particular kingdom , Time and Material ;That entity you are . Always feel like that ."


" When the activity increases , the cause responsible for it also grows. Should the activity die , the cause too vanishes. Hence always deal activities to uproot the cause."


" Never remembering time that has moved past, never worrying about future and remaining indifferent to pain and pleasure in present time is what constitutes a liberated existence."

( Adi Shankara ... source  Book … Vivek Chudamani )

( Avtar Mota )
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