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(Photo.. Neolithic Site .. Burzahama Kashmir)


 VS Naipaul, in his travelogue 'An Area Of Darkness' informs us that when he asked a Kashmiri engineer how old was Akbar's stone wall built around Hari Parbat fort, Pat came the reply :

 ' Five thousand years'

 In 1998, I visited Martand Sun Temple, the 8th-century imposing monument built by King Lalitaditya Muktapida, located at Ranbirpora ,Mattan. It was eight years after having moved out of the valley. The  widespread armed militancy  had just been put on some  control. I had a non-Kashmiri officer with me. Presuming us to be tourists,  a young man in Pheran came closer to say:-

 ' This is  Sun Temple built by Pandva.  Kashmiri say it ' Paandav Lari ' or 'Residential Houses  of Paandavas'   . You want to see real Vishnu image on Sun Temple wall. Come, I show ."

 I replied,  " how old is this Sun Temple !"

 Pat came  the reply,  "five thousand years old. "

 In January 2018, I read a newspaper headline:
 '5000-year-old rock found in Kashmir shows the oldest evidence of supernova in history'

 We were eating food in a marriage function. A respectable elderly person was discussing something about Nilamata Purana. Suddenly he said  loudly :

 " And don't think that this text is an ordinary book. It is five thousand years old."

 Every Kashmiri finally takes pride in saying:

 " Our civilization is five thousand years old"

 Ask any Kashmiri about the age of river Vitasta, Dal lake, Wular lake, Verinaag spring, or Sharda Temple, you will be smilingly told:
"Five thousand years."

 And a set of fossilized footprints known as “Eve’s footprints” have been discovered in Africa. It belongs to a female human who lived approximately 117,000 years ago.Why are we stuck up at five thousand years? Why not more than five thousand years?

 (Avtar Mota)

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