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Giddha is a folk dance  of Punjab. Very popular and exquisite. Women wearing colourful Punjabi suits and jewellery perform  it.  This energetic dance is performed with  perfect foot movement and    rhythm. The dancing  women sing verses  known as  ‘Boliyan’ . Each' Boli '  describes a scene about a  woman’s life.  The dancing  women clap as they  dance in group on the beats of an accompanying Dhol.Giddha also has mimicry while essentially  depicting scenes from routine life of a village woman.The dancers dance and sing  in complete harmony .Giddha is the female counterpart of the male dance known as Bhangra in Punjab. Sometimes the women performing Giddha are satirizing their husbands, or his sister so his mother through the songs and the accompanying gestures. Some Giddha songs convey loneliness. I quote a Giddha Boli that I heard long back wherein a woman expresses her anger against her mother in law.

(Bari barsi khaten gaya si
khat ke lyende sholay...
ni main sas kutni 
kutni sindooka ohle..)

And a Boli where a woman mentions about  her husband who looks small and is not tall.

(Bari barsi khatan gaya si
khat ke liyanda feeta
mahi mera nikka jiha
masa khich ke barabar keeta  )

 Giddha is a type of ancient ring dance performed by women who  form a ring. Every woman in the ring  takes her turn to perform within this closed ring. While one woman in the ring plays the Dholki , others sing the boliyan and engage in the dance and  rhythmic clapping of hands. The tempo is always fast .So fast is the tempo at the end that the observer can't even wink unless it stops.

So lovely. Here is the most popular Giddha song that i saw in Amritsar.  

Ambarsare diyan vadiyan--- 
ve mein khaani haan ,
Tu karenda ardiyan te mein sehni haan,
Ambarsare diyaan chhole ve mein  khaani haan
Tu tarda-tarr bole te mein  sehni haan 
Ambarsare diyan Papad ve mein khaani haan 
Tu karenda aakard te mein sehni haan..

Tana tanak,
Teri bodhi meray  hath, 
Meri gutt teray  hath, 
Mainoo rakhna e rakh, 
Mainoo  kadna e kad! 
Maeyon teray  naal vasiyan, 
te hor koyee vase vi na 
Maeyon teray  naal kattiyaan, 
te hor koyee kate ve na ..

 My english rendering would be as under.....

(Yes i like the vadiyaan of Amritsar ,
And it is me alone who can put up with your stubborn temper.

Yes i like the Chhole _Chaat of Amritsar ,
And it is me alone who can put up with your  anger 
and loud speak .

Yes i like the Paapad of Amritsar ,
And it is me alone who can put up with your arrogance  .

And Lo !  Here i caught  you by your hair,
And you caught me by my Braid .

Should you keep me with you, then let you do so, 
Should you throw me out ,then let you do so ,
But listen,
I alone can live with a person like you,
I alone can endure a person like  you..)

These dances were popular during Punjabi weddings. However ,DJ has replaced this rich tradition .Other popular wedding songs from Punjab used to be as under:-

Mera laung gawaacha

Kaala Doriya

Baajre da sitta 

Kaala sha Kaala

Kaala Teri gutt te paraanda tera laal ni

Lathe di chaadar

Bhabi meri gutt Kar de

Suhe be  cheere waliya

Charkhaa chanan da

(Avtar Mota)

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